You Know Your In The Third Trimester When…

You Know your in the third and final trimester of pregnancy when:

1. You throw dirty clothes on the floor and then realize you’ll have to bend over to pick them up, so you start throwing them on a chair.

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2. You sit on the floor to help your toddler pick up his toys and scoot on your rear to the ones out of reach.

3. You are starving so you eat a big meal and then hate yourself after. Why? Because there is only so much space in that tummy and the baby doesn’t think you deserve room for dinner.

4. You have to pee once or twice every hour because you feel the erg. When you actually go you get a little tinkle and you sigh… Its so repetitive and frustrating.

5. Your toddler starts noticing your tummy getting bigger and has to touch it to make sure its real and no joke.

6. When you get a sudden burst of energy all you want to do is clean.

7. You loath getting in and out of the car. It can be rather embarrassing when you grunt like an old man.

8. When you can no longer slough and are forced to sit in the straight-up position.

9. When you get excited for nap time… Your, nap time…

10. When you check the “How your babies developing this week” chart, two to three times a day… Like it will make that baby grow faster.

11. You and your husband cant fit through the door together. There is no squeezing past.

12. When something gets changed in your schedule, it can feel like the end of the world.

13. Its no longer comfortable to sit down. You’d rather lay on a bunch of fluffy pillows instead.

14. Your tummy now rests on your lap.

15. You set a cup on the counter, reach to grab something in the cupboard above and spill the glass with your tummy.

16. Your husband starts feeling sorry for you…

17. You are very emotional, so much in fact, Disney movies make you cry.

18. You start reading things on how to naturally induce your labor so when its safe, you can try. Now, there are a few I might try but one I refuse is “nipple stimulation”… I just don’t feel comfortable rubbing my own titties…

19. You start dreaming about how your labor will go but it always ends up being a nightmare. Yeah, thanks a lot dreams. As if I don’t have enough on my mind now I have mental images of giving birth to an alien!

20. And last but not least is that moment you get kicked, by baby, in the rib-cage. Its inevitable. It hasn’t happened to me yet this pregnancy but I know its coming and I am dreading it. Talk about shooting pain!

Please share what YOU went/are going through during your third trimester.

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