My Workout Journey

Workouts have been such an important part of my life since the beginning of my teen years. I thank my mother for that. She paved the way for my healthy and active lifestyle.

I look forward to teaching my sons the importance of health and fitness as they grow and mature.

A brief history:

My journey begain when my mother woke me and my sisters up at six o’clock every week day morning. She made it a school activity so getting it in was a must. I hated getting up that early but once we were done it always felt like an amazing accomplishment. At that time we worked out to Leslie Sansone’s, Walk Away the Pounds.

images (2) images (1)

Looking back, these workouts were very simple and low impact but it started a healthy habit. Working out with my mom and sisters is a memory I will forever cherish. It was a special time each morning we got together and shared before the beginning of our busy days.

After a couple years we decided it was time to switch it up and try something new. Our neighbor at the time told us about a new workout that was played on a home network show. He was only kidding but my mom ended up buying it. The new workout was called Turbo Jam. This is where my love for Chalene Johnson developed.


After the low impact workouts, this kicked our butts! It was quicker paced and I loved how there was more variety in her workouts. Instead of walking in place and using arm bands we were kicking, punching and shaking our hips! I was starting to see my abs for the first time in my life!

Pushing play was easier because of Chalene’s positive attitude. I loved how she inspired you to push yourself and you always felt better for it.

I got married and continued my workouts with this DVD set for a few more years. Then Chalene came out with Turbo Fire. I knew I had to have it! I needed to again step up my workouts, specially after having our first baby.

images (3)

This workout also kicked my butt! I was back in shape within a few months and loved my body. My abs came back and I was getting back down to the weight I wanted to be at.

Again, Chalene’s positive attitude won me over. While you’re working out and pushing yourself, she has wonderful ways of reminding you how its worth it. She tells that you can do it and in doing so she puts a smile on your face. Sometimes she got a laugh or two out of me. She is truly talented in this way.

After a few years of this program I got pregnant with our second baby boy. During this pregnancy I had to take a progesterone pill because my body was deficient in it. Without a sufficient amount of progesterone a woman’s body will flush out the fertilized egg causing a miscarried. It was through God’s perfect timing that my doctor was able to get me on the progesterone as fast as he did. It still scares me to think I almost lost our baby boy.

Besides the blessing being that this pill saved my baby’s life, it drained me of all my energy and magnified my morning sickness. I have never felt so tired, or withdrawn from life, in my life! It was a bit frightening. Thank goodness my body only needed the help of this pill for the first trimester. After I was able to stop taking it, I came back to life! In the words of my husband “There you are!” He said this to me after a few short days off the pill. I felt much the same way.

Although I would take this pill again in a heartbeat, it really had my pregnancy off to a rough start. I literally had no energy so my workouts stopped over night. This was the longest break I had taken since I started my workouts. I was able to keep them up with my first pregnancy and said that was the best thing I ever did. It was hard on me mentally and physically but with the rough start I just couldn’t seem to get them in. I tried, but soon gave up.

Once I delivered our a healthy baby boy, I waited about a month to begin my workout routine. I felt pinching in my stomach when I  started and then decided my body needed longer to heal.

The first of January I started working out with turbo fire again. It was hard at first. I was horribly out of shape not to mention I had a new life with a brand new baby and a toddler who was always curious about him.

No more excuses I told myself! I have to get back in shape! My workouts would happen at anytime of day. I wasn’t getting them in five days a week like I wanted but I was doing it again. Whatever time I could squeeze them in I did and soon began to feel myself gaining strength.

I am a follower of Chalene Johnson on Facebook and I sometimes visit her webpage I loved her daily motivational posts and they helped inspire me in more ways than fitness.

One of my favorite quotes of hers is hanging in my closet.

Breath in deep. Let your day flow as freely as the air filling your lungs. We don’t have to control every aspect of our lives. Some days all we can do is say our prayers, set our intention, and do the work. If things don’t go exactly as planned today, don’t begrudge the day. Be patient, have faith and just go with it. You never know what lessons you can learn by being ten minutes behind schedule, unless every once in a while, you are ten minutes behind schedule.

Such a beautiful reminder!

From following her on facebook I learned of a new workout program she was working on. I was so excited! I knew I had to have this workout too! It looked like the push I needed to get back in shape.

She announced it as PiYo. (Click on the image to see where to purchase)


A workout that is a mix of Palates and Yoga but had a healthy mix of cardio as well.

Cardio was all I’d done in the past. Doing something completely different spiked my interest and that it still contained cardio, I was hooked!

I watched all the previews that came out and even got my sister excited for its release.

They kept saying its release was “coming soon” and that tantalizing detail went on for weeks! Finally a release was made but it was only for beachbody coaches and their teams.

I was heart broken! That is until a coach posted a link making it available for purchase through her. I bought it!

My coach’s name was Meg Walton. Its been a very long time since I have contacted her and I am unsure if she is still doing coaching.  My sister however has become a BeachBody coach and she hosts challenges for people who purchase workouts through her. She is honest, spirited, real and dedicated to encouraging and helping people who want to improve their health and fitness. If you are interested in purchasing any of the workout programs I have mentioned (aside from the Leslie Sansone DVDs), I would encourage you to contact her here.

Anyway, after my purchase of PiYo from Meg, she contacted me via email and had me added to a facebook page called PiYo Strength Super Group (which she created). This was an added bonus that I didn’t see coming. I was all set once I got my package in the mail. I hung up my PiYo calendar and got pumped for the sixty day challenge ahead.

Once we started we took before pictures… Brace yourself!

PiYO 2 PiYO 4 PiYO 5

I had about 10 more pounds I wanted to lose and I knew I wanted to be much, much more defined. Not bad for nine months after the birth of our second baby boy. I attribute most of this to THM. Follow that link to see the eating plan I follow, its amazing!

In this facebook group we followed the calendar that came with the program. This was the first time I followed a calender. Usually I jump right in and try and figure it out along the way but with this time, I was really glad to have guidelines.

I’m impatient so when the calendar started out rather slowly I began to question it. I shared my concern with Meg and she told me the program was helping me to build strength and get me familiar with the moves. She said stay the course because the pace would pick up soon.

And boy did it!

I began to be thankful for the simplicity of that first week! Not to say that it got to difficult but I really began to push me. The moves require strength and when you don’t have that much to start, it can be a little frustrating.

I found out just how weak I really was. My wrists weren’t that strong (Chalene addresses this in the DVDs) and some of the moves I just couldn’t do! I was frustrated until I heard others sharing a bit of the same in our group. That was comforting and made me feel, well, normal.

After a few short weeks I began to see a huge difference in my arm and back muscle.

Week 4 of PiYO Week 4 of PiYO 2

It was incredible! I still wasn’t able to do all the moves yet but was seeing results. I was ecstatic! Others in the group began posting changes in their bodies as well. I was so excited to be a part of this!

Within a couple more weeks began to see change in my stomach!

PiYO 1 Two weeks in picmonkey

Seeing these results made me push and work even harder! I went and bought some new workout clothes…


Because my before pictures are in jammy shorts and a workout bra, I wanted my afters to be a bit nicer 😉

The group posted pictures and videos on their favorite moves and the ones that challenged them the most.

If it weren’t for Meg and this group of amazing people the journey would have been difficult.

As I said it took a really long time to be able to do some of the moves but after listening to the what the others said, I knew I wasn’t a wimp, it was truly challenging.

Here are my 60 day after photos!

After1 after4 after5

Such a huge difference! And in only 60 days! I didn’t lose much weight but I was honestly working more toward fitness rather than weight loss. I built a lot of muscle and lost fat. I was so happy and proud of myself!

Fast forward to now (a few months later) and I am still loving my PiYo workouts. My stomach has smoothed out even more and I have abs I never dreamed of having after two babies!

unnamed unnamed (1)

After the 60 days were over I knew I wanted to continuing practicing with PiYo. Slowly but surely I began to do the moves I once couldn’t. It felt amazing! I knew I would continue to gain strength and become more defined as I worked with these new and challenging moves.

I have lost about five more pounds since the 60 day photos where taken but I never have had such a flat stomach. Even before I had babies. I am in love with my PiYo workouts!

I want to add some Turbo Fire workouts back in but I am waiting until after the new year to incorporate those.

Life is busy and a bit stressful right now and getting my PiYo workouts in lately has been a struggle. It is December and the cold weather and lack of sun has left me with little energy. I know I will pick up the pace come January or February.

For right now I am not pressing play on the PiYo DVD’s. Instead, to switch things up, I plug in my Ipod and play music that inspires me and makes me want to workout. I am doing PiYo but I’m taking the different moves out of Chalene’s workouts and applying and challenging myself that way for now. As long as I still break a sweat, raise my heart rate and feel a little sore the day after, I am comfortable with that for now.

The music that is inspiring me these days is by Kari Jobes, you can find her on Itunes. She is a Christian singer who has such a beautiful voice! The songs she sings are beautiful, powerful, and so uplifting. My husband and I are unsure were the path laid before us is going and anything that reassures me of His promises for protection, unconditional love and guidance, I soak up!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Along with following Chalene Johnson I follow Proverbs 31 Ministries on facebook. The verse and the picture below are off their page…

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4


I find strength to push on through Christ Jesus. Songs singing His praise are what give me strength. From that strength I find the will to carry on and get my workouts in thus making me strong physically, mentally and emotionally. That is how I live a fit and healthy life.

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  1. What an inspiring post! And you look so amazing! It has inspired me to start working out more, no matter what time of day I have to squeeze in my workouts. Oh and cute workout clothes for some reason always makes you want to workout just so you can wear them. 😉

  2. Thanks for commenting Bre! I love when I log in and see comments! Glad it inspired you 🙂 We all need a little inspiration this time of year. And yes cute workout clothes are a must! Hoping I get some more for Christmas 😉

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