Whats the best way to get started with THM?

First off what are these crazy S, E and FP meals that we talk about whenever we talk 😉 Let me brake it down for you.

S means Satisfying, these are your full on fat meals! (S meals).

E is for Energizing, these are your healthy carb meals. (E meals).

FP means Fuel Pull, think of these as more of a snack. They get you from point A to point B without adding to many carbs or fats.

Now that you understand the type of meals I would head on over to the Trim Healthy Mama official Facebook page. There is so much to learn from other peoples posts and questions plus, you get a lot of yummy new recipes that people share!

Ordering the book is one of the most important next step that people try to overlook. Don’t! You need this book to fully understand this plan! Its not expensive and the life altering information and recipes (contained in the book on the right) will determine your success. The book on the left is a cookbook and one I also highly recommend!


Book on the right explains the plan and the humor and light hardheartedness these ladies have makes it fun. there are a ton of recipes in this book, that actually makes up half the book.

Cookbook on the left is full of simple, easy yummy recipes that really guide and lead you to success on this plan. To order these you can use my affiliate link which is free for your use, it only helps to support me and my blog, or you can simply visit their website.

Thirdly I would head on over to Pinterest and begin pinning S, E & FP meals! Start a THM board and go crazy! You don’t have to start when you get the book you simple begin now with what you have in your fridge and cupboards.

It is a slow process purchasing ingredients you will want and need to make some of the recipes but you will get there! Just pick a few recipes you want to try and slowly begin stocking your cupboards with new ingredients. Don’t get discouraged! Don’t let the fact that you have to order some of your food items, like their Pristein Whey Protein Powder, deter you from trying THM.

Next, while you are waiting for your fabulous life altering book to arrive, head over to this handy dandy post I wrote up for beginners just like you: Trim Healthy Mama for Beginners (pictures and links included). It has many resources and suggestions along with pictures of the items you will be searching for in your local grocery store. Yes, most of the items you will want to get started with are in your grocery store, you just gotta know where to look 😉

And lastly is to just begin. Know there is a learning curve to this and it will be a bit confusing at first, but that’s why I’m here! Ask me questions on my facebook page, which I am very active on, and I will get back to you asap with help, encouragement and answers.

If you are wondering how you are to structure your days with the S, E and FP meals you can look at some examples of these menus I have built. I am going to develop a THM menu to help newbies that don’t yet have the book yet. I’ll use recipes from Pinterest or ones I have created to help you along. For now the most important thing to remember is keeping your S and E meals three hours apart. FP meals fit in between S and E meals. I usually have one FP meal between lunch and dinner.

Its easy to overthink this trust me, I have done it myself, but it really is a simple easy way to eat and live. You just have to learn some new and interesting facts about food, how it effects you and how to build these slimming meals! I want you to succeed at this so again, if you have questions message me or comment on my facebook page. I love talking THM and would love to here from you!