What To Blog About…

Honestly I feel like if I was to share anything it would just be me complaining about being 36 weeks pregnant with 0 energy and little to no comfort. Who wants to read about that? That, however, is my constant state of mind these days. I am so excited to meet our little baby boy but without a cute chubby face to gaze upon I am left with wishes and dreams of someday being able to feeling normal again.

I keep getting into these exhausted states where I begin to wonder if I will ever feel the same again. If I will have the energy and stamina that I so yearn for. I keep telling myself I will but my gosh, what is it going to take to get there? Sigh… I returned to normal with my first son so I’m betting I’ll get there after my next son is born. It may take longer but when I set a goal for myself, especially when my health and fitness are concerned, I usually reach it.

Still! It’s hard to focus on anything but the current state of my body. Constantly wondering what the heck is happening and if it’s normal. Then I get on the internet and start searching for questions I don’t even know how to ask. Sometimes I find other pregnant women struggling with what I think I am but their answers are never very helpful. Nobody knows what the heck is going with their bodies except that getting the baby out usually returns things to normal. Usually…

I never did and never will understand how some women say they love being pregnant. They are crazy and I can in no way relate to their insanity! Good for them if they can handle all the weird stuff that happens. Me, I have a hard time with it all. Thank goodness I only have about four weeks left. If baby cooperates that is.

It has deffinetly been a tougher ride with my second pregnancy. Now that my body has been through this once before muscles aren’t as tight and helpful as before. My first pregnancy was a breeze! Seriously I was not prepared for all the aches and pains a second would bring on. The doctors say it is normal so all I can do is try to relax and go with the flow. Things will get better once I get baby out and I heal a bit. This is only my second child… I can do this!

On another note I love my husband and how understanding he is. It defiantly makes it easier knowing that no matter what he still loves me and wants to call me his. I may be over exaggerating a bit but you can only truly understand the feeling if you have been pregnant.

Being pregnant is hard work but nothing compares to the little miracle that comes at the end of it all. Once that baby is laying in your arms you really do begin to forget about all it took to get you there. The love that fills your soul is so breath taking there is nothing to compare it to. From that moment on you know you would do anything for that precious baby. Anything.

That is what is getting me through all this weird, unknown, body changing, coma like state I constantly feel I’m in right now. Because I know it will be worth it. Praise God for precious little babies!

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