What I’m Doing Lately…

It has been a very long time since I have written a post. A very long time. I don’t feel to guilty. I have been very busy adjusting to a new little person about the house. He and big brother have been keeping me crazy busy. Multitasking is my life at the moment. Rarely do I have just one thing going on. For instance, as I am writing this blog my foot is tapping constantly on my little baby’s bouncer to keep a sleepy baby, well, asleep.

My two beautiful children have me slightly frazzled lately and since its Christmas time, I have that much extra to try and accomplish. I still have a few things to get and a few things to do, like decorate the Christmas tree that is sitting ready in its stand. Sigh… But I am soo tired! Happy, but tired!

Along with all that has been going on I am trying out a new way of eating. I don’t want to call it a diet because that’s not really what it is. Trim Healthy Mama is what its called. THM for short. So far so good. I have lost a little weight on it and to be quite honest it feels good. I am not starving nor do I really feel deprived because there are so many recipes out that follow the THM guide lines. I feel like I need to start doing something before my weight gets out of hand and I became more self conscious than I already am.

My hope is to get the Christmas tree decorated and the house cleaned before the weekend hits. That gives me one and a half days to git-r-done. Seems easy right?! But who knows what will happen between now and then.

Both my boys are now waking up from their naps so that means I have to go. It feels good to get a blog out. Hopefully it wont be to long before I post another! Until then I will leave you a picture of my sweet boys. How I love them!