Weekend Menu Challenge – 8

This is the last and final menu of the challenge! How did you do? Did you learn how to stay on track? Did you find and fall in love with any new recipes?

I had a lot of fun putting these menus together for you all. It helped me stay on track and reminded me how planning a head can really set me up for success!

These menus will always be available to review and share! You can find them under the categories section listed as “THM Weekend Menu Challenge.” If you ever fall off course or need help getting through some tough weekends pick a menu, print and follow through!

Here we go!


For this menu all I use their new THM Cookbook and the original THM book..


Between these two books I have recipes to last a life time! If you want to build your own weekend menu simple open up these pages and explore! Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be either E or S but I keep my snacks between lunch and dinner a fuel pull ­čÖé That is how I begin to build a menu.

And you will need this:

My Chocolate Protein Smoothie.

Put the following ingredients into a blender:
1 cup Cashew Milk
2 Tbs. Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
4 packets Truvia
1 squirt Skinny Girl Liquid Stevia
1 tsp. Caramel or Vanilla Extract
1 scoop THM Pristine Whey Protein Powder
6 cubes of ice or more depending on how thick you like your smoothies.

And you may want to use this:

To make a GGMS simply click here you get the recipe! Not a must but its a truly magnificent drink that could change your life! No joke!

Here is your very last weekend menu: Weekend Menu 8


As always I wish you all the best of luck! Stick to it and you will be glad you did. Weekend are tough because they are sporadic and your schedule is one of chaos but that’s okay. THM was developed for us busy mamas! Planning a head is the best thing you can do to stay on plan and on track with THM!