Weekend Menu Challenge – 4

Welcome to April and round 4 of our weekend Challenge! As I have said its been a pleasure writing these up for you! Its actually fun to try some new recipes out and since its the weekend I keep them simple. My husband has been enjoying the deliciousness that the menu adds the weekend as well.

Lets get started!


Links you will use in this weekends menu:

None again 😉

I am sticking to the recipes found in these two lovely books…


You may or may not need the GGMS recipe. If you do click here! Its a truly magnificent drink that could change your life! No joke!

One other thing I should mention. I usually make a THM dessert before heading into the weekend. For the menu below I will be using the Basic Cheesecake recipe in the original THM book page 373. I add sweetened strawberries as a topper and it is amazing!

Remember how badly you want to stay on track. Prove to yourself you can enjoy the weekends without regret. I know life gets busy and sometimes we just cant control it but give it the best you’ve got!

Weekend Menu 4