Weekend Get Away…

Dustin and I have been sorely needing some time to ourselves. We needed time to reconnect and leave all the worry and stress behind. Originally we had planned a week away visiting family in Dover, Delaware. We planned on driving to New York and visiting a few of the amazing places there. We planned on going to D.C. and getting a tour of the white house. We wanted to see so many of the historic monuments in the surrounding states but as time drew near I became anxious about leaving the kids for so long and being so far away. Not only that but work for my husband was becoming extremely busy so the time to take the vacation was under pressure.

After talking we decided it wasn’t worth trying to get this vacation to work, specially under all the stress. Our thoughts would be elsewhere and that is just not a way we want to spend a vacation.

I know what you are thinking. “Get over it and go have fun!” Well for some reason it just didn’t workout this time. When the boys are older I will have no problem leaving them for a week but as it stands, we are content to take vacations close to home, which is what we did instead!

Determined to get my husband away from the stresses of work I booked a two night stay in a luxurious hotel in the city of Spokane: The Davenport Hotel and Tower. Their service is one of a kind. Seriously one of the best hotels in the area. The room we stayed in was the Tower Suite, and it was beautiful!

davtower_standardking davtower_suite

Talk about feeling like a million bucks! We pulled into the hotel and as the velvet came to take our car they packed our luggage and took it up to the room as we checked in. Once we made it up to the room and had a look around we headed back down stairs to their Safari Room Fresh Bar & Grill. We booked a dinner reservation at six with our friends, Caleb and Bre. The food was delicious! After we finished we went up to the room and shared a bottle of wine before we hit the town!

Loves  Friends

Bre and Caleb  Loves2

The weather was perfect for a spring evening. We hit a few bars, played a little shuffleboard, shook our hips a little, and then retired for the night around one o’clock. It was a blast!

The next morning we slept in till nine o’clock! NINE! That hasn’t happened in forever! I mean seriously. My eyes did pop open at 6:30 which is when our littlest boy usually wakes up but I rolled over and went back to sleep. It felt amazing!

When we finally decided to get up my husband turned on the t.v. while I showered and got ready for the day.

We headed out for breakfast and after realizing the day wasn’t as warm as we thought it would be, we ran back to the hotel for warmer clothes. I change from this to that (with a jacket)…

ME3   ME2

Can I just say how fun it was to dress up?! Never getting to, I went wild with the outfits texting pictures to my sister and asking her opinion. It was such fun to wear all the nice clothes I have been trying to stock my closet with.

This is the outfit I wore our first night out on the town…


I am in love with it! It was comfortable and oh so cute!

Any way… After dressing a bit warmer we went antique shopping. We have been looking for a coffee table for a very long time and we finally found one. There are a few blocks of antique shops along Monroe street and we stopped at every single one. So many amazing things in those shops. Dustin and I had so much fun we promised to do it more often.


The coffee table fit perfect with the cream and white color scheme I have going. My husband also found this beautiful glob.


Immediately I thought of our older son Danny who is always peppering me with questions about where this animal is from or where this place is. Being the visual learner that he, is I can now show him.

After being out and about all morning we stopped for lunch at Rocky Rococo Pizza and then headed back to the hotel room for a nap. After the night before we were really tired. My husband said I took a two hour nap, I still think he exaggerated, then again, maybe not.

After the nap we freshened up and hit the Down Town Mall. We stopped at bath and body, purchased some yummy new lotion scents and then headed to the AMC movie theater. We went and saw McFarland USA. It was a good movie, a bit long for my taste at about two and a half hours. But the popcorn was tasty and the company, lovely.

We retired to for the night and woke up Sunday morning at about eight o’clock. Again, amazing. I got ready for the day as Dustin watched some more t.v. We packed up and headed out. Our first stop was Starbucks, then we hit World Market and found a few items for the kitchen.


I make a drink called the Singing Canary, if you are a THM you know what I am talking about. It requires vitamin C and I will use this to crush the vitamins.


I am always making homemade drinks so these will be so useful and save us lots of $ on straws. Bonus, they are BPA free.

Wine rack

We purchased a wine rack to go under our beautiful Kitchen sign. Dustin and I love purchasing things for our home. We had lots of fun picking all of items out together.

We stopped at Walmart and got a few things, looked around Lowes, ate breakfast at Prostectors Bar and Grill, they have amazing Eggs Benedict, and then stopped at Lasagna’s-On-Ya for a nice simple pop in the oven dinner when we got home. We might have hit Starbucks one more time 😉 They are so darn good!

By this time we were really beginning to miss the kids. As naughty as they can be sometimes they are where I would rather be. Our mornings away were relaxing but a bit lonely. As we walked in the door we were greeted with huge smiles and open arms! We were very missed!

Aunt Emily did an amazing job watching the kids while we were gone. We came home to excited children and a sparkling clean house! Huge thanks to my sis!

The rest of the evening we relaxed, put our purchases away, watched a few movies and drank a little beer and wine. Beer for him, wine for me 😉

It was such a wonderful weekend away. The best part for me was of course having my husband all to myself. I didn’t share him with anyone! And the fact that I didn’t have to rush. I am constantly rushing from one place to the next making sure Eli gets home for his nap, or trying to get the kids home before lunch, or before I need to change a diaper. I found myself feeling like I needed to rush and then I reminded myself, I had no where to be.

Dustin and I went where we wanted, when we wanted, when we thought we wanted and that was an amazing feeling. I am smiling just thinking about it. I know I rush to much, I know I can make things more important than they really are and that is something I need to work on. Rushing around sucks. It really does take the joy out of things.

As the kids get older Dustin and I will try to do these things more than once a year. We need to enjoy each other more. There is nothing like reconnecting with the love of your life. We are refreshed and invigorated! Bring it on life!