Wanting to Go Back to the 1940’s.

Beauty and Class! One of my favorite eras is the 1940’s. The style and dress of a woman back then was feminine and beautiful. The long curly hair, the red lipstick, the soft flowing dresses and the side hats. What a decade to live in!


So simple and elegant! It demanded a mans attention but in the most respectable way. Something we are losing this day in age.


Look at her! She is the image of style and class in my humble opinion. There is no peaking cleavage, their is no provocative pose. I see a woman standing proud to be the woman she is. She knows with a simple look and a polite, soft spoken voice she can get a man to do anything for her. She has nothing to prove. She is a woman. A man can see her worth by the way she holds herself and the intelligent manner in which she speaks. There is no reason to show off. She holds everything a man could want and need. That is how God create us women to be. We hold much power over a man. We are sought after and worshiped. Again, something we are losing in this day in age.

When did we think it okay to act like men? We are now engaging in bar fights and acting like little boys who need to grow up. When women began to lose their femininity the men began to lose their drive. Us women hold much power with out having to fight for it. We don’t need to prove our worth by working as hard as a man. We are what they seek.

God knew exactly what he was doing when He created women. He gave us everything a man yearns for. We are not as physically as a man but why do we want to be? There is power in the meek. We are small delicate creatures but we have a powerful hold over men that can be used for good or evil, like anything.


Tell me you don’t look at this picture and see a woman who is confident in her sexuality. Tell me that man wouldn’t do anything she would ask of him…


Ready to get our hands dirty, we did what needed to be done. The war would not have been won if it weren’t for the women at home. They not only put in hard labor and work but they kept a mans heart warm with thoughts of coming back home to a woman he could wrap his arms around.


A picture from the movie Pear Harbor (one of my favorites). They accurately display the style and can do american attitude in that movie. The men back then were hard working, unafraid to get their hands dirty. They knew women were to be treated with respect and they did so happily to woo a woman into his arms.


And the hair styles! Oh the hair styles! We were a proud race of women!

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More photos from the movie Pear Harbor. I love the style of their make-up and hair as much as I love their dresses!


Excuse the langue but I mean really? What happened? When did we begin to lose all our power? We need to be careful least we never get it back.