Using Brick to Edge a Garden.

I have been in search of brick for some time now. Free brick, old brick, used brick, broken brick, any kind of brick! I got the call the other day from some close friends that found some in a shop they were cleaning out. Knowing I was wanting some they called me right away and I was there to pick it up within a couple hours. I was so excited I got right to work!


This poor little garden needed some TLC. I have Irises planted at the moment but some of them didn’t make it so the plants are few and far between. I am hopping I can dig some up, spread them around and plant a few other flowers to help fill in.

After putting baby Eli down for his afternoon nap, Danny and I went to work on the garden. As I dug up grass Danny would put it on the garden bin and everytime I needed more brick he would bring me some! We had an excellent system and got the garden lined in about an hour.

Thank goodness I weeded it about a week prior. It started like this…


Then went to this…


And now it looks like this!


A closer look…


There is a little bend in the brick that I need to fix but other than that it looks so much better! The first layer of brick is level with the grass so all I have to do is run the lawn mower wheel over it and tada! No hedging needed! I will have to spray between the brick every now and then but I am constantly having to spray my rock garden beds anyway. Grass and weeds always find a way through.

The only casualty was my poor shovel…


I need a new one as this one barely digs up grass now. Poor little shovel.

I got some Perennial seeds from my grandma on Easter and plan to plant them between the irises! I need to wait a little bit longer before I do as it is still freezing at night.

Its the little things in life like a beautiful garden bed that makes me happy. I have so many other plans for our backyard. Glad to have this item checked off my list!