Upgrading Our Living Room! Part 1

When I say upgrading, I mean it in a big way…

3-10-14 1921

My husband  upgraded every piece of electronics in our living room. We went from a 55 in. T.V. to this huge 60 in. Samsung Smart T.V. He also purchased the new Xbox One and since that can play Blue-Ray he also bought a few new Blue-Ray DVDs. AND he bought a sound bar to go with it. The sound bar/speaker is actually pretty amazing. It not only sounds great, I can hook my Ipod up to it, via blue tooth, and play all my favorite songs. Its pretty amazing! Now that I think of it the speaker wasn’t part of the deal but what am I gonna do. He knew I’d fall in love with it once he showed me how to play my favorite music through it! He knows I love to play my music loud… little stinker!

Why, you ask did we all the sudden upgrade? Well I got my husband to agree (I took persuasive measures 😉 ) that once his truck was paid off he could go out and buy himself all the ‘stuff’ above and I wouldn’t say a word! It took him only two months to pay off the lump sum and now we are car payment free!

My husband is self employed and our business grows yearly. We now have employees which we never thought possible. He works so hard for everything. He more than deserved all the new things he bought! We are slowly inching our way out of debt and it is such a freeing feeling!

All that aside, now it is my turn to upgrade the furniture in our living room! Everything but the couches that is… We still have two little boys that spill and get sick and wipe their buggery noses on anything and everything. So, we will wait until they are older and… slightly cleaner? to upgrade the couches.

I went on Pinterest and found a few DIY entertainment centers that I liked. I loved the pictures with the Closetmaid Cubeicals.

3-10-14 1931

I also love the colorful material baskets that go in the cubes.

3-10-14 190

I want to use these cubeicals across the whole bottom wall creating lots of shelving and a very modern look and feel. It will give me the ability to show off our family albums and display anything else fun and creative adding to the spunky colors.

In the material baskets I will put my exercise equipment (weights and stretch bands), remotes (that we are always misplacing) and extra cords to the T.V. (that we use occasionally). I am sure we will find more things to hid in the many colorful baskets, but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Our home is very modern and I think this will add to our style in a perfect way! It gives plenty of storage space but its sleek and out of the way. My husband also wants a small coffee table and there are endless DIY possibilities for those on Pinterest. So I’d like find a plan and help him build one. That is my other winter task for the month of March. After this month is over Id really like to start working on and organizing our garage so when garden season comes… I’m ready!!!

Back to my living room. I have a couple pictures to show you. I have a ‘Before’ and a ‘Still in progress.’

3-10-14 0061 3-10-14 0171

It looks so much better but I am not done yet! I have a few more color assorted material baskets to purchase and I have some cubes that are missing backs.

3-10-14 021

These little squares get nailed to back of only a few 9 inch cubes. Before I do that I am going to take a trip to the fabric store and by a wild print that I will either glue, or modge podge (not sure how to do it yet) it on the square before attaching it. I’m going to have lots of fun with this new idea and I can hardly wait! These little squares with the material will only be put in the cubes that will not contain the baskets so the fun/spunkiness will shine through! I cant wait to get it done and be able to show you, my readers! Hopefully I will have it finished by the end of the week… Be sure to check back in 😉

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  1. I saw this yesterday and thought it looked so awsome! The fabric behind the cubes was such a good idea, super cute!

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