Updating Our Living Room Part 2

Finally my living room is looking like an actual living room! Seriously folk I’ve had so many pieces of odd and end type furniture to set all our T.V. hardware on. Well no more! We are fully up to date and modern now, Can’t wait for summer parties to show it off!

There is more I want to do in this living space but for now it will have to wait. Later I will add paint to the walls and a few pictures here and there, until then, I am satisfied!

Here is the before picture…

3-10-14 0061

Yeah, not much of a living room, is it? Now we have…

3-17-14 0091

Boom baby! So much better! I have fun colors that light up the area, the new Closetmaid furniture makes the wall appear longer and getting that bulky hutch out has added a lot more space. I love it!

One of the things that really helped add a bit of color was gluing material to the back of the empty 9×9 cubes. It was a fun trip to the fabric store let me tell you (I love the fabric store)!

Here is how I got the finished look. I got my Mod Podge with paint brush out, my hot glue gun, my cutter (gotta love the zebra print) and my cutting mat along with the material I purchased!

 3-15-14 0333-15-14 034

3-15-14 036

Next I got out the 9×9 white cube pieces that are to be nailed to the back of a select few of the shelves cubes. Preferably the cubes that don’t hold the material baskets.

3-10-14 021

I laid the material out, placed the back piece on the material and cut the exact shape out. It gave me this…

3-15-14 041

Next I Mod Podged the back piece. Be careful not to add to much of the glue! I did in the picture below and it started to come through the material. It’s not a big deal as it dries clear, I just didn’t want that part of the material to appear in a different, glued, kind of texture.

3-15-14 042

Next I placed the cut material over it and smoothed it out. I noticed the sides didn’t stay down so I added some hot glue to the edges. I may have over done it seeing as the edges get nailed down to shelves but I wanted to make sure there would be no issues.

After I smoothed the material over the glued back and hot glued it I turned it over and made sure no material was peaking over the sides. It could show in the next cube over and I don’t want that 😉 So I trimmed the edges and nailed it on!

The work was a little tedious. I had 13 pieces to cover. Seeing the finished product made it wall worth it! Here is a close up…

3-15-14 052

And the finished product again, just because I love it so much 😉

3-17-14 0091

I am missing three material baskets (to the left) but do to their price I’ve been purchasing them little by little with each trip to the store.

Now my remotes are well hidden and I can finally show off my family albums that I work so hard on! Also in the baskets: my small exercise equipment, puzzles and games for our toddler Danny to play with while we try to watch movies (I say try because its impossible to sit through any movie without hitting the pause button a million times when you have children) and some of my husbands Xbox equipment like headphones and such.

All in all I love the storage options along with how colorful, fun and modern it is! Happy girl here 😀 Can’t wait till I can decide on a paint color and pattern. That will have to wait while we get our garage in order so I can begin my garden! Excited to share all that as it unfolds 😉 As I always say… Stay tuned!

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