My Trim Anniversary!

I have been waiting a year to share with you my Trim Healthy Mama one year anniversary! I am amazed and in awe with this way of eating! I have so much to share with you!

My Story:

I started THM at the beginning of December 2013, a month after giving birth to our second baby boy. My mother told me about it and at first, I thought she was crazy. But as I began the new way of eating I found freedom and amazing new food! Read more about the beginning of my journey here.

Now a year has passed and I am still in love and following the THM food standards. This is crazy! Me, still on an eating plan a year later and loving it!

I am a ‘keep to the code’ type of girl but I have had several cheats since beginning the plan. The best part is after a cheat you only need to wait three hours before getting right back on plan. I don’t cheat often and when I do its either a birthday party, a rare night out with the hubby or a huge holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Lately my life has been very stressed. My husband has been working out of town for a while, hes back home thank goodness, and the kids act up whenever Daddy is gone for long periods of time. We also own our own business and running that alone has been major!

Not to mention it is winter here and the kids and I are trapped in house together with no way of escape! Okay, we do escape every once in a while but the feeling of entrapment is still there. Frigged temps of below freezing are ever percent and taking the kids out in that kind of weather is hard work.

As the cold settled in and my husband began his out of town work, I was frazzled.

Due to all the above I ate a couple crossovers and indulged in the heavy S meals as well as snacking throughout the day. This is all fine and dandy but it can stop the weight loss process.

My workouts became less frequent as the Christmas sewing projects started pilling up.

To stay sane I knew I needed to do something that made me happy. Sewing projects do just that. Along with surfing Pinterest for great ideas 😉

So eating became a little out of control and the workouts a little sparse.

I kept telling myself this is just were we are in life and when I am ready to start loosing weight again it will be simple to begin the process again as long as I stay on plan.

Well I was resting on the couch the other day when my little sister stopped by after college. I got off the couch and unwrapped from a warm fuzzy blanket. My sister said “you are smaller than you have ever been.”

Really I thought? There is no way. I have been indulging to much.

Well her thought made an impact so the next morning I weighed myself. I weighed a whopping 136.5 pounds! The last time I weighed myself, over two months ago, I was over 140. I was so shocked I got back on the scale, sure enough the same number stared up at me.

AHH! I was so excited! My goal is to get below 135 and the scale was telling me I was almost there? I even ate a bowl of popcorn in bed the night before!

I. Was. Ecstatic!

Have I mentioned how much I love THM?!?!

Giving myself a month or two of no worry has got me down on the scale? This is the first time in my life I haven’t gained weight while stressed and feeling like I have been indulgent! I am still amazed.

Here are two amazing photos for which I am very proud!

10612809_10202553225144019_7581055836761676344_n 11-21-14 002

The first is when I started back in December of 2013 a month after the birth of our second son. The last is me today. I did this in a year people! A total of 39 pounds down with a busy household and everyday stress to boot. It can be done!

I don’t kill myself with my workouts anymore. I don’t have too. I try to do Piyo by Chalene Johnson four to five times a week for 25-30 minutes a day. If I don’t get one in I try not to stress about it knowing I don’t need to burn the extra calories in order to be able to eat more. No more stressing about food. Freedom! That is what you will receive with THM.

I will be doing a separate blog post on my PiYo workouts. I have my personal trainer Meg Walton to thank for a lot of my success. When I have that posted I will set up a link to it here 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Trim Anniversary!

  1. what a great article about sharing your results on your journey! you have come such a long way and have not let life and it’s trials slow you down at all. i’m proud of you and your hard work and dedication, and it truly shows that you have a clear goal in mind. you are a true example that health is not a quick-fix, it is a true lifestyle change to embrace, to find what works for you, to feel a real and lasting change! and you look just INCREDIBLE! i know it is also something you FEEL! 🙂

  2. Thank you Meg!!! You have been an amazing mentor. Your help and encouragement helped me when life’s stresses got me down. Love your honesty and understanding when life seems to get in the way. Your reminder to ‘not worry about the backward, just go forward’ has helped me through a tough workout week 🙂

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