THM Weekend Menu Ideas!

Weekend struggle is real, I get it. But we cant use that as an excuse! Planning a head is everything to success of any kind. If this is something you really want, you have to plan for it! I too have fallen victum to weekend fails, it happens. But lets make those weekends few and far between. I have some quick and easy ideas on how I have stayed on track during the weekend craziness and I hope they can help you out!

Get your crock pot out and your BBQ ready!

First, before getting into the menu, let me tell you what keeps me on track the most.



I drink three, sometimes four quarts of water a day. One before noon, one before three or four, one during dinner and the fourth will be an evening sipper.

The quart I drink after lunch is usually my GGMS. This counts toward your daily water goal.

Water will keep you full longer, its also a constant reminder of what you are trying to accomplish. If you start off right its more insensitive for you to finish the day that way.

Drink your water!

The other thing that keeps me on track is leftovers! I will make extras, like I have an extra mouth to feed at dinner, so I have lunch planned (key word here, planned) for the next day! Below I will give you a couple lunch assembly ideas but if you can make sure you have leftovers will secure your success even more!

Dessert notes:

I love my dessert and if I don’t get it I feel like I am missing out. I want dessert darn it and I don’t want to work that hard to get it. If you can plan ahead and make skinny chocolate, chocolate nut slab, or muffins (all found in the THM book book) than great! But this menu is constructed for what you can make in the here and now. You don’t need to get all your baking and measuring cups out to have a great dessert. Their Cake in the mug recipe is easy and fast! I also have this fetish with peanut butter so another quick easy dessert is what I call…

The desserts listed are my go to.

Peanut Butter Swirl:

  • One tablespoon on plan peanut butter.
  • One tablespoon cream cheese.
  • One teaspoon almond or cashew milk.
  • Sweetener to taste.
  • Mix and eat!

My Chocolate Protein Smoothie which you will find here.

When I speak of veggies:

Steamed veggies are always salted and I put about a teaspoon of butter on top.

Canned veggies are always salted and I put a laughing cow cheese wedge in for creaminess!

Let me tell you why:

You’ll notice my menu has mostly S meals. They are easiest and keep you satisfied longer keeping you on track.

Okay, menu ideas!


  • Breakfast (S): Eggs and bacon, coffee and cream.
  • Lunch (S): Salad with canned green beans, cheese and hard boiled eggs with dressing.
  • Snack (FP): Chocolate Protein Smoothie.
  • Dinner (S): BBQ burgers wrapped in lettuce with a side of steamed veggies, salted and buttered.
  • Dessert (S): Peanut butter swirl.


  • Breakfast (S): Cheese Omelet, coffee and cream!
  • Lunch (S): Diced hamburgers (because you made extra from the night before right?) put in a on plan tortilla ( carb. count 6 grams) sprinkled with cheese, onions and tomatoes topped with sour cream. A side of steamed or can cooked veggies.
  • Snack (FP): Greek pudding.
  • Dinner: Crock-pot seasoned whole baked chicken covered in veggies! (whole chicken is so wonderful because the left overs will last a few days. Sprinkle that chicken over salad for lunch the next day!)
  • Dessert: Cake in the Mug page 379 in original THM book.

Next weekend:


  • Breakfast (S): A veggies scramble sprinkled in cheese with coffee and cream.
  • Lunch (E): Trim Healthy Mama Pancakes covered in sweetened berries.
  • Snack (FP): Chocolate Protein Smoothie.
  • Dinner (S): Crock pot seasoned pork chops with a side salad.
  • Dessert (S): Peanut butter swirl.


  • Breakfast (S): Eggs and bacon, coffee and cream.
  • Lunch (S): Dinner from night before with steamed or canned veggies.
  • Snack (FP): Big Boy Smoothie.
  • Dinner (S): BBQ Steak and salad.
  • Dessert (S): Luscious lemon cake page 289 in new THM cook book.

Other Ideas:

Salads are always a great idea! You can build whatever kind of salad you want. Throw olives and pepperoni on there. Throw green beans, hard boiled eggs, diced lunch meat and cheese on there! Left over meat of any kind will add flavor and protein to your salad. Don’t underestimate the power of salad but use lots of toppings. I want you full after your done. Pile it high!

Anything that can go on the BBQ is wonderful! The mess is minimized and the amount of time it takes is usually within twenty.

The crock-pot is always your friend. Whole chicken, chicken breasts, pot roast, pork chops… the list goes on! Set it and forget it.

Snacks are important. Make sure you have on plan snack material. Click here for my favorite FP snack ideas.

If you are out and about, caught in town with an appetite, check out this helpful list of places to eat on plan from fast food to sit down from A Home With Purpose.

There ya go! I have given you ideas but the work and choices are up to you. How bad do you want this? How hard are you willing to work?