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Who likes to travel?

“I do, I do!”

I can see the raised hands and hear the excited voices!

I had a woman from my Facebook page ask a very important question regarding traveling and staying on plan with THM.

Teri: I know you do the THM program and I have to be on several trips in March, could you help me come up with an away from home/hotel/trip eating menu?

First off let me say THANK YOU! I love getting questions and comments from the followers on my Facebook page!

Teri, I would love to help you come up with some menu ideas!

I know a lot of traveling THM’s so I am posting this inform to help others interested.

The menu I am putting together is mainly snacks. You will have meals while traveling so it’s the in-between times you are going to need proper nourishment and fuel.

The question is can you pack food to take? Or are you just going to run to a store once arriving at your destination?

Because you can pack most of the items I am going to write this from the more difficult stand point. Running to the store once you arrive.


Many of you wont be sitting down to eat breakfast so I’ll give you a few examples of quick filling breakfasts for on the go.

COFFEE! Yes we all love and want coffee in the morning. I would head to the nearest coffee shop and order a breve latte. If you aren’t to concerned about crossovers while traveling and quite honestly, you shouldn’t be, I would get a 16 oz and add a handful of almonds or a Quest bar. Tada! Breakfast is done! For those of who don’t know what a breve latte is it’s made with half & half which is on plan but the carb count can be high in this. I do a 12 oz if I am trying to keep it in S meal territory.

I’d add a few packets of Truvia or Skinny Girl Liquid Stevia for sweetener. I carry the liquid Stevia in my purse at all times!


As I already mentioned Quest bars. In my opinion they are fine to use during travel times though they straddle the border of being on plan, read my post about them here. These are just an option.

Almonds or Peanuts are a great pure source of protein and fuel. You can pick up a bag of these at any grocery store.

Refrigerator Options that will fit in you hotel mini fridge:

Yogurt such as OIKOS Triple Zero is on plan and these you can easily find at the grocery store.


Any Fruit that you eat needs to have a protein source such as the E meal version of OIKOS. You could also get Low Fat Cottage Cheese which would pair very nicely with any fruit you eat.

String Cheese is great to pair with your almonds as an added S meal snack.

Restaurant THM Ideas:

I went over snack ideas but lets go over food options when you finally sit down to eat a full on meal.

S meals are always easiest when eating at a restaurant. Steak, chicken, pork paired with veggies or salad! Salad sprinkled with protein and your best option for dressing is Ranch unless you want to use oil and vinegar.

If you do sit down for breakfast: Scrambled eggs, a veggie omelet, bacon… All that is great!


Gwens-Nest has some other ideas you could buy or purchase. Click here for her On The Run Snack Bag. And here for hard to find items on her amazon store.

If you can think of any other ideas be sure to put them in the comment area! I’d love to add any of your great ideas!

Also read this post by See The Blue Sky. She blogged about her travel with THM. She is real and honest and has some great points and ideas!


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