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I recently received a question from a new THMer entering our growing community. She asked a great question and since there was no short way of answering it, I thought I’d write it up in a post to share.

The question was:

Hi Lesly. New to thm and your blog. I have a question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to. I understand the S and E part but where I get lost is what and how to add to those meals. I see in your meal plan that you have a few veggies listed with your protein but what about the other meals?
Thanks for sharing, without the inspirational reads like this, many of
us would not have the encouragement to start a new lifestyle.

Can I just say how much I LOVE getting questions! Michelle, thank you so much for asking! Its a great question and one I found myself asking when first starting.

First, you are correct in that protein is what every meal on THM is centered around. That is key to sustaining our energy and keeping us full until our next meal.

I add veggies to my meals because the authors, Pear and Serene, are always loading their plates with veggie sides. Not only are they an excellent way to help fill up without adding extra calories, they are a power food (meaning they are very very healthy). If you are wondering what other sides you can add to your E and S meals the THM book has a few ideas. In their newest cook book on page 216 entitled SIDES they have some quick and easy recipes.


In the original THM book more side ideas can be found in Chapter 22.


To better answer your question let me break it down into meal categories.

Side Ideas for S Meals:

With S meals you are not limited to grams of fats. You are only to eat until satisfied. If you wanted to skip the veggies you could but that is not encouraged. From what I have gather, the THM sisters almost always have veggies with their S meals for reasons I wrote above. Don’t skip you veggies. If you are sick of salad and steamed things you could try their coleslaw. They have and S and fp version on page 230 in their new cook book.

Side Ideas for E Meals:

E meals are a little more tricky as you should to stay under 42 grams of carbs to keep your blood sugar from spiking. In the book the authors say NOT TO GET CAUGHT UP IN THE NUMBERS! Its an estimate. Do your best. There are not very many E meal side recipes. If you want sides with E meals you can do that or you could add Full Pull meals/sids. If you have fp sides you know you are getting under 10 grams of carbs and its less to think about. Plus there are a lot of yummy fp meals/snacks. The coleslaw recipe I listed above also has a FP version.

I do not always have a side with the E meals but if I do it usually consists of me adding fruit as a topping. The THM pancakes on page 223 in the original book are delicious covered in sweetened berries!

You could add salad to your E meals but you will have to go light on the dressing as that usually contains oil and fats which are limited in these meals. Steamed veggies are great as well, just keep the butter you might add to a teaspoon or less.

Full Pull Meals:

Full Pull meals aren’t suppose to be as filling. I can’t think of a time I have added a side to a FP meal. It would be difficult as you should to keep it under 10 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fats, again, estimate. I have always considered these as more of a snack than a meal.

I hope that answered your question and gave you a little guidance on your THM journey!

My advice to you is don’t get caught up in the numbers or all the recipes you see. Everything you need to make this a sucess can be found in the THM books. Notice how I have a ton of sticky notes in them? They mark my favorite recipes 😉


Its easy to get caught up in this or that but stay focused, keep it simple, and stay the course! Outside resources are great but its easy to become over whelmed by all the information out there. Stick with the THM books until you fully understand the basics and branch out from there. Its a journey and you will learn a lot not only about food but your body and what it likes and doesn’t. When you finally figure things out it is so worth it and soon you will have your family and friends asking and wondering about THM!

Click here to follow a recourse guide I created to help those just beginning THM. It has pictures, info and blogs that will help you begin and continue your journey!

Blessings sweet friend, and thanks again for your question 🙂