I recently made a menu: Getting Back on Track with THM for 2016 and I received a lot of questions regarding serving size, what I use to cook my eggs, etc… I thought it would be fun to go over them together as you could very well be wondering the same things.

Keep in mind this how I do THM. I am not telling you how to it and I am not claiming this is the proper and only way. If you have questions or concerns you need to reference the THM book and its authors. I follow it as closely as possible but sometimes I can be found a little off on my carb counts. That being said I have had amazing results and continue to follow THM as I understand it.

Lets get right to the questions!


Q:What do you use to cook your eggs?

A:I cook mine in butter but coconut oil is another option. I use just enough to coat the bottom of the pan.


Q:What is a good serving size?

A:For S meals the authors tell you to eat until satisfied. To me this means I stop just before the point of feeling completely full. My tummy expands a little and I feel strong and ready to take on tasks again. With E meals sometimes I get to that point and sometimes I don’t. To keep your blood sugar from spiking you have to stay under 45 grams of carbs. When using the THM book for recipes the authors usually tell you how much of a serving to have with the E meals. Which leads to the next question.


Q:If I am still hungry after eating an E meal what should I do?

A:You have two options, eat a full pull snack or have a E meal snack. I would wait until you are pretty feeling hungry again and make sure that you wait three hours before eating an S meal, even after consuming an E snack.


Q:Is it okay to have a E or S snack instead of a Full Pull snack?

A:Of course it is okay! But I would not encourage it if you are trying to lose weight. Sometimes we do not have a choice and that is perfectly fine but for maximum effect I would stick to full pull’s for snacks as much as possible.


Q:If I have a coffee date with a friend what can I order?

A:I order a breve latte, no flavor. This uses Half & Half as the milk and that is on plan. I add my own sweetener and whala! Keep in mind Half & Half contains carbs. Getting a drink to big can turn into a crossover. I usually order a 12 oz. and occasionally add around 10 almonds for extra protein.


Q:Do you eat anything after dinner if you get hungry again?

A:Generally no. I eat a big dinner and have dessert after so I feel that is enough to get me through the evening. If I start feeling hungry its usually bed time and I sleep better on a partially empty stomach. If I am really hungry, I will make a full pull snack.


Q:What snack ideas do you have when you are out and about?

A:I can make some of my full pull snacks ahead of time and I will leave it with an ice-pack (if need be) to keep it cold. I ALWAYS have a little bag of almonds in my purse for emergencies. It has come in handy so many times! You could get the breve latte no flavor at any coffee shop. You could get a Questbar if they are near you. You could grab a hamburger and have the restaurant wrap it in lettuces. There are lots of options 🙂 The almonds in the purse though… so handy!

I hope you found this helpful! I if you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them. Just leave your comment below 🙂

Blessings sweet friends.