The Dreaded Scale…


I had a relationship with my scale. I would actually talk to it. “Please be good to me this morning… Why cant you just give me the number I want to see?…. WHY?!?! I was good yesterday?!” Sound familiar???

I dreaded weighing myself every morning but I did it and my attitude reflected any number sequence I saw. I didn’t want my husband to see me weigh so I would wait till after he left in the morning (even though I knew he would think me silly) and in waiting till he left I couldn’t have that beautiful sip of coffee because I wanted to see if I lost. I wanted the most accurate weigh in possible!

Mornings were stressful to say the least. With my kids running around trying to pry open the door to the bathroom as I stood stark naked on the scale… I am so glad those days are behind me.

It was an addiction. I hated it but I needed to know. Why did I need to know? So I could gauge how hard I needed to work on it that day. I would figure out what I could and couldn’t eat and how strenuous a workout I needed to put in . My mind was clouded with all this stuff!

Well ladies, that hasn’t been me for about a year now and it is AMAZ-ZA-ZING!!!

Stick with me here. I know it is hard to imagine NOT weighing yourself in the morning but hear me out, please. I will make this worth your time!

When I get up in the mornings now, I don’t give my scale a second thought. My first thought is COFFEE! Coffee, coffee, coffee! Such a better, more promising train of thought 😉

My morning attitude is not depicted by a stupid number that, in all seriousness, means nothing about who you are and what you are going to do that day.

Lets be real for a second. God does not care about that number, obviously He wants us to be healthy but not consumed with it to the point that it ruins our day. He cares about your heart and your soul and who you are trying to be. Which in life, is most important. These are the things that truly matter.

How did I manage to put the scale away you might ask? Well, something changed that helped me put all that aside, my eating habits.

I started Trim Healthy Mama.

As I started this amazing eating plan I watched that scale like a hawk and what I found was a bit astounding.

That scale went up and down, more down than up obviously, but when my weigh fluctuated my body never reflected it.

I would step off the scale, head to the mirror and be shocked that it said I gained 2 pounds because it would look like I either stayed the same or lost.

The scale isn’t our only dread… its the mirror as well right? After the scale you go to the mirror. Yeah, come on, we are being honest here remember? We want to see where that extra pound came from or went too. The funny thing is the mirror is probably a more accurate gauge than your scale when it comes to THM. Why? Because it helps build and rebuild your muscles! Stronger leaner muscle means thinner, leaner you.

Back to my story…

Those fluctuating pounds didn’t effect my body while I was completely on plan like it did when I was counting calories and killing my body with workouts. No the scale would move but my body was constantly looking better!

I began to trust it after a while, it was a long while, but I began to realize that this eating plan was unlike any other I tired. The results were different as well as the journey to get there.

I was feeling amazing! I was ready to stop watching the scale and start listening to my body because it was working! I have never had the body I have today. Not even in high school BEFORE I had two kids. Yes, I have children, a busy, CRAZY life and I still make this work, easily to be honest. Once you learn the plan, study it for a couple months, it becomes second nature. It really does.

My body is not perfect and I still struggle with a few aspects of what I wish things looked like but I am learning to let go, to appreciate what I have, and all the amazing aspects of my body that make me, me!

After putting the scale away I realized just how silly all that morning effort was. If I didn’t have THM I would still be that person. I had to change something in order to see that. I had to change my diet that changed my mindset that opened up time for better, funner, calmer mornings. I grasped the day, but again, I had to change in order to do that.

Trusting the eating plan, making sure I followed THM faithfully, I stopped focusing on my weight and found time for other things that I enjoyed more. My morning bible study, my coffee and breakfast with my hubby every Saturday morning.

The sisters who wrote this amazing book preach food freedom but its freedom from more than just that!

They teach you in a Godly manner how to appreciate these foods and how to use them for health, healing and enjoyment.

If you haven’t tried THM yet I urge you to explore it. The many lives it has changed is staggering. These women, like me, will tell you they found freedom and joy in other aspects of their lives because of the way they feel. They are finding beauty deep within themselves, they are connecting with their husbands more because they feel beautiful. Its a mindset and that changes as you become healthy and are freed from things like the scale.

Food can be poison to your body. I can cloud your mind and rob your energy. You owe it to yourself to be all that you can be and when your health and nutrition are on track you will be amazed at what other things you can accomplish. What other opportunities present themselves.

I am so excited that my day is no longer consumed with counting calories, with wondering what the scale will say tomorrow, with hatting myself for eating a cookie that didn’t taste that good anyway.

Its about finding yourself, clearing your mind and reaching the goals you want in life. When health and nutrition are on track it opens your mind and time to new and exciting things.

Is it hard, yes, at first. Did I shed tears over my journey, yes. It is an emotion thing, yes. But it has been so worth it to me and many, MANY other women. When you finally understand the principles of the plan, when you finally ‘get it’ it all comes together and its like second nature. Its not so so easy, it requires thinking ahead and preparation but I wouldn’t list those things are hard.

I encourage you this day to make a change. Explore, search, research, find out, try something new! Heart to heart I want you succeed. I want you to feel the way I do; freed of burdens pertaining to weight and a life style that isn’t where you want to be.

Cry if you need to but press through the tears and fear and do something that will change you for the better. Its time. Inspire yourself. Get there! Because you CAN!

Blessings my sweet friends!