If My Sweater Could Talk…

I have this sweater I probably wear every single day. I am always cold and well its so darn comfortable! I got it from Victoria Secret about two years ago? Its held up pretty well to all the wear and tear.

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The other day, while I was making my growing baby boy a scrambled egg, as I cracked the egg it splattered over my sleeve. “Hmm” I thought, “If this sweater could talk it would have a lot to say.”

It would tell you of the many times I walked out of the house with breakfast particles stuck to it, or maybe that was from lunch or dinner the day before? It could probably tell you what this plash and that drops is because I sure couldn’t. It would tell you the of the many times I rushed out of the house and upon realizing I forgot change, I never look down, ever, for fear of seeing something nasty.

It would tell you of snotty noses that have been smeared all over the shoulders while I was holding and comforting. It would tell you of all the blankies my arms have been forced to hold before picking up a baby after his nap.

It would tell you how messy a cook I can be and how many times I wipe poppy butts a day. Yes, in this house food and butts are put in the same sentence.

It would tell you how many times I roll up my sleeves to wash my hands or wash something dirty sitting in the sink.

It would tell you how many hours I have spent on pinterest browsing ideas and trying to get inspired.

It could tell you what my favorite bottle of wine is and how I deserve it more than the Friday and Saturday nights I allow.

It would tell you the many time it has been used as a tissue, specifically the one time I was horrified to be quite literally used as a tissue. After my toddler walked up and blew his nose on my sweater, I stood there in utter disgust staring and wondering when my toddler thought it was okay to use me this way? I wish I could tell you I took my sweater off right away, threw it in the wash and gave it the good cleaning it deserved… But I’m sure I wore it the rest of the day. Why put something else on when it could just happen again? It would be something more to wash and I already did the dark’s.

It would tell you of all the loads of laundry I do, all the sweeping/cleaning/scrubbing/vacuuming I do but most of all I hope it would tell you how much I love my family. All the things I do for them. It gets repetitive, it can be boring some days but if I had a chance to change it, I wouldn’t.

I hope it would tell you how much I have learned and grown since owning it. I hope it would tell you how devoted I am to our little family. How I let nothing stand in the way of what my family needs, or what I need.

I hope it would tell you the tired endless days that I go through as a stay at home mom are worth it because I am there to wipe their tears, butts and buggers. I am there to fix them something wonderful and healthy to eat. I am there to keep their home beautiful and strong. I am a safe place to go when a heart is broken. I am always there with arms wide open.

I am glad my sweater would have so much to share with you. It proves how much I care. How hard I am willing to work and how much I love my family.

So, next time you see a mama walking through a store with food splattered on her sweater, don’t judge. Shes probably rushed out of the house to grab something important she forgot on her latest grocery shopping trip because the kids were beginning to throw fits. She is relishing in her few minutes of freedom. Don’t ruin it by pointing out the ewwies!