Super Hero Capes!

My eldest son is into super hero’s at the moment. Yes, I know every little boy goes though this phase but I really enjoy watching my little man play and explore with his imagination.

I sit at my table with computer open and paper work scattered to my left, its always bills or business emails. I pause for a moment to watch him punch the imaginary bad guy and then turn and sword fight the other.

“Ahh my eye!” he says, “Haha! I got you!”

He goes from one character to another while little brother Eli, propped up in his walker, watches wide eyed and captivated. Like the fight Danny is reenacting is actually unfolding in front of his very eyes. Super hero costume, colors and all! He will let a laugh out every once in a while but mostly he just stares at big brother Danny.

I sigh, all is well.

My boys are growing up, using their God given imagination. They are in a safe home filled with love and security. My husband and I are so proud of the family we are blessed with. We will do everything in our power to keep it that way. It seems a constant struggle at times but watching our boys play without a care in the world makes it all worth it.

I turn back to my work with a more drawn out, I really don’t want to do this, sigh. I glance at the clock and its Danny’s nap time. I tell him and get a little fit (nap time ruins everything).

Little does he know while he is napping I plan to make him a super hero cape! Yes he has a great imagination and he was doing just fine without one. But I had play dresses to help with my games as a little girl. He deserves a cape!

After Danny is in his room, good nap kiss and all I hear… “Take that! Boom! Pow! Hahaha!”

I don’t think he will take a nap today.

I finish my work and pull up Pinterest. I may not play imaginary games anymore but Pinterest my grown up happy place ๐Ÿ™‚ I find a super hero cape tutorial! Perfect! It looks easy and I have the fleece to do it!

This amazing woman did all the thought and measuring for me. Check out her blog for the pattern. Diary of a Quilterย – Super easy Super Hero Cape Tutorial.

I get out my fleece and realize have just enough to make the cape. Phew!

I lay it out, mark it up, cut it out, sew it and add a little sparkle. Maybe its just the girl in me but I thought it really added to the cape ๐Ÿ˜‰ Standing back I view the finished product.

unnamed (2)1

I get my phone and send a picture to my husband. He is after all a boy, and having had a cape of his own once I figured I should ask how I did. He thought it was awesome! Might have made the little boy in him jealous that he didn’t have a cape like this when he was little ๐Ÿ˜‰

Danny wakes up from his nap but the “sparkle” I put on isn’t dry yet.

Once it dries I bring it out but he isn’t sure what to do with it at first… So I put it way for a while and make little Eli a cape. As I finish up, Danny says he wants to try on his cape again.

It was so hard to get the boy to hold still once I got it on him! He was stretching out his arms trying to fly (I might of told him it had flying capabilities). He was swinging around and doing this and that so this is the only picture I got…

unnamed (3)1

Here are the two capes completed…

unnamed (1)

Just waiting for a sunny day so I can take the boys out and snap a few photos to some day show future girl friends (not that there well EVER be any, protective mama here) and at high school graduation parties. The possibilities are endless! Muhahaha!

I think the capes are a hit! I am now planning my eldest sons birthday party. Can anyone guess the theme?

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  1. Lesly, You are to creative that bathroom looks awesome so much work for me the lines would never be straight.. Great job I now that you will have fun gardening too an then you will have to can things from the garden..I always liked to go to the dump too hugs my love Grandma Judy

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