Subs for Soda

I have loved and tasted the sweet nectar of soda. Its cool refreshing bubbliness. When I tried to diet I would drink the diet stuff knowing it wasn’t any better for me.

When I started Trim Healthy Mama, soda, because of its sugar content was a big no no. Even the diet stuff was off plan because of the chemicals.

I did end up giving up soda BUT I found recipes to replace them! That is what I am going to share here with you today. That is the beautiful thing about THM, they have replacements for just about everything!

The first two recipes are found in the New Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I wouldn’t be sharing these recipes with you if they hadn’t personally made them public. I in no way want to infringe upon their hard work but, because they are so sweet, they willingly make a few of their recipes public. Thank you ladies!

The first is my absolute favorite!

Good Girl Moonshine (non-alcoholic):

I drink this daily and the health benefits are amazing! Its filling and you can make it just about any flavor you want by using extracts (Watkins is my favorite brand). When starting out I suggest using one to two tablespoons of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) but 4 tablespoons is your goal 🙂 Enjoy!

Next is Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Pop. Simple, cold, crisp and refreshing. Pour all the ingredients into your glass and off you go! This recipe is in the New THM cookbook but they posted it on their official Facebook page found here.

Trim pop (FP, Sipper)

1/2 lemon (juice of or 1 Tbsp of lemon concentrate)

1/2 lime (juice of or 1 Tbsp of lime concentrate)

2 doonks THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder (or sweetener of choice)

12 ounces sparkling water


Instructions: Squeeze juice into large glass or jar, add sweetener and stir. Add several large ice cubes, fill with sparkling water, DONE! Cheers to your health and summer!

Variations: If you wanted to make it favored you could add cherry, strawberry or even root-beer extract!

Below are some other suggestions I found on Pinterest. They are not all THM approved but you might find them helpful and satisfying anyway:

4 Waters So Tasty You’ll Want To Skip The Soda! Link here.

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Three Healthy Alternatives to Soda. Link here.











I hope this helps you kick the soda habit! If you have any other recipes or suggestions please share 🙂

Blessings sweet friends!