How I Stayed ‘ON PLAN’ While ‘On Vacation’ – THM

It is becoming an annual tradition for our families (my parents, sibling and their families) to go on a weekend vacation together. Its a great time filled with laughter, silly stories, fun adventures and good food.

Because there are so many of us, twelve total so far, my parents rent a studio with a nice size kitchen, full fridge, oven and pots and pans to boot. It makes staying on plan with THM easy and it saves us all lots of $$$.

About a week before vacation I started a list of the dry foods I wanted to bring and the foods we would have to pack in the cooler. Keep in mind I have a husband and little boys to keep fed. I could write out everything I packed but since this is a post about staying on THM I will only write what I brought to keep me on plan. I shared most if not all the items I brought with my family as well.

For dry foods I brought:

  • Apples
  • Peanuts
  • Stevia for my coffee
  • Almonds

For the cooler I brought:

  • One dozen eggs
  • Bacon
  • Cheese sticks
  • Cream for my coffee
  • Salad dressing
  • One huge salad that lasted for lunch and dinner.
  • Another loaded salad I purchased from Papa Murphy’s when we got the pizza.
  • Papa Murphy’s Pizza (of which I scraped the cheese and toppings off of and laid on my salad).
  • Lasagna (of which I scraped the cheese and toppings off of and laid on my salad).
  • Wine 😉

For Breakfast the two morning we were there we put our eggs together and made a scramble and cooked the bacon all the while enjoying our coffee.

Lunch was leftovers from the night before so again I put some of the toppings over the salad and whala!

Snacks for both days were the peanuts and or apples. I did have a few crossovers but what is vacation without them?

My dad made the THM pancakes on the first morning and put the remainder of the cooked ones in the fridge. I would rip off a piece anytime I wanted for a pick me up, a snack or just because. Its one of my favorites! My kids also enjoyed the leftovers.

I didn’t keep track of my E or S meals but I stuck true to the food that are on plan. No sugar, no bread and no remorse.

My dearest mother brought all the ingredients to make a GGMS and I took complete advantage of that! I had my water bottle and made sure I was consuming what I normally do while at home. It kept me full and on track.

I even got a workout in with my sis! She is on a running schedule for a marathon she is preparing for and she needed to run a few miles on the treadmill. I gladly said I’d hit the gym with her.


I am one of those people who NEED something in their tummy to workout. I had a handful of almonds and my sister shared her questbar with me. I have never had a Questbar before and my gosh! It was delicious! There are a few that are actually on plan so that is something I will be adding to my grocery list next time.

We put in a good workout and headed back to the room to make breakfast with the family.

Later that morning we wanted to take the kids up the gondola to the snow tubing park at the top.


Danny had a blast!


Eli got cold and I had to take him inside the lodge. Look hat his little red nose!

                              Elicold Elicold2

I think it the ride in the tube scared him a bit, heck it scared me! We went so fast down that hill I thought I was going to lose my baby! The snow blasted our faces so we couldn’t see where we were going and my eyes were watering from the cold! Maybe next year when he is bigger it will be more fun. Ill have to get us and the boys snow goggles next time too! Sheesh!

All in all it was a wonderful trip and the two littlest boys, the cousins, were the mischievous ones. If it was quite, they were both missing and were always found together.


It was pretty cute actually.

I don’t center the vacation around THM. That is not what this post is about. Its about how easy it was to stay on plan and enjoy vacation! One day of eating like crap and I feel like crap. I didn’t want that. I fully enjoyed every aspect of the vacation and loved how easy and simple it was to stay on plan and enjoy my crossovers guilt free.

THM is so doable! Its so easy once you learn the basics and so gosh darn worth it! It really is food freedom and I just love the joy it brings to me and my family!