Spokane Interstate Fair 2014

Even though going to a fair the size of Spokane’s can be a little repetitive each year, we go because our two boys love to see the animals. The kids makes all the difference. To see their eyes grow wide with interest and excitement makes it all worth it.

Our oldest, Danny, is four years old now and had a plethora of questions and comments. I honestly don’t think he stopped talking while we were there. Our youngest, Eli, was more interested in eating his puffs (crackers for babies) than much else. Sure he liked to look around from the baby stroller, and he did great while we were out, but next year we will see more excitement in his little blue eyes.

unnamed (12)pm

As I said earlier, Danny was having a blast!

unnamed (18)

We walked through the chicken exibit and Danny held his hand to his nose the whole time. “It’s so stinky mom!” Sorry for the blurry picture but I had to post anyway!

unnamed (17)

One of the things we always do is feed the animals in the petting area. It is so fun to hear Danny giggle as the animals lick the grain from his hands.

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There was one animal he was afraid of. Dustin poured grain into Danny’s awaiting hands and as he held them out to feed the little calf, Danny dropped the grain at the last second and took a step back. I think he was a little intimidated by the calf 😉 The picture was just before he dropped the grain.

unnamed (19)

I always forget to get a family picture! Darn it anyway 🙁 We got a few others.

              unnamed (14)pm unnamed (13)pm unnamed (16)

We met up with cousin Tyrion along the way so the kids could explore the fair together. Its almost to much for the babies to take in but it will be funner for them each year they get older. Until next year!