Simplicity of Summer.

I am looking forward to the simple, warm days of summer. Simple in the way the boys don’t have to have their socks, undershirts, pants and shirts on at all times. Simple in that we don’t have to put on coats before leaving the house. Simple in that spending more time outside means less of a mess on the inside.

I am looking forward to potty training baby Eli. Okay, I’m not looking forward to potty training but HAVING him potty trained. Its always a huge when diapers no longer need changing.

Our older son Danny will be learning how to shower himself this summer, again, a huge help! And I will be teaching him how to wipe his own butt. I have held off on that because, well its messy, very messy. Non the less, he has to learn sometime, summer seems the time.

Summer is hot. I am not much of a heat person so I usually hide in our air conditioned house (thanks honey) until the evening rolls around. Summer evenings are my favorite!

I am looking forward to sitting on our pouch, cool glass of wine in hand, in the company of my husband, watching the kids run the last of their energy off before bed.

Below is one of my favorite pictures from last summer. I got two pools because Danny likes his full and loves to splash. Last summer Eli didn’t appreciate the splashes. I am sure that will change this year.

unnamed (13)pm

As the sun shines out on the frozen snow I find myself day dreaming about it all.

My ever wondering mind is pondering what things, activities and social events we will be attending in these warm months to come. I hope the days are filled with close family, friends and wonderful warm memories to last a lifetime!

What are your hopes and dreams for this summer?