Our Silver Mountain Vacation!

Its been years since we have gone on a family vacation with my parents and siblings. It was something we use to do every year when we were younger and its a tradition my parents want to start up again!

To start us off they took us up to Silver Mountain Resort in Idaho. It was beautiful! Getting there and home was a little scary do to all the snow that FINALLY decided show up.


Once we arrived in our cozy little condo we began room assigning and unpacking!


unnamed (4) Bathroom Hallway

From left to right: The view from the loft, the T.V. sat just above the fireplace. One of our two bathrooms. The hallways we had to walk down. They were long!

Dustin and I took the loft with the boys (up the circular stairs), Eli slept in his playpen while up there, and Danny on the extra couch. I was nervous about getting them to sleep at night but with all the fun they had it really wasn’t difficult.


Here is the widow we got to look out while falling asleep. It was beautiful!

After we got unpacked we decided to head to the indoor water park just to check things out. It was a steaming 80 some degrees in there and with our coats and winter gear on it was hot! We headed back to the room to get our swim stuff on to try it out!

Danny is a little fish and was in heaven! The picture on the end is of grandpa and Danny.

Danny Danny water unnamed (6)

The daddies tried there best but the babies just weren’t sure about the water park.

unnamed (7)

Eli didn’t like the water at all.

unnamed (2)

He had more fun sitting on my lap eating fishy crackers!

Me and eli Eli

Danny ran off with grandpa and I didn’t see him again until we left. Dustin tried to get Eli to float down the lazy river with him but after getting splashed a few times by random strangers, Eli wanted out! Here is Dustin trying to get Eli to come back in with him!

unnamed (5)

After a fun night in the water park we headed back to the room to fix dinner. We all brought food to pitch in for the two nights we were there. That night was taco night!

After dinner was cleaned up we all sat down to watch The Equalizer with Denzel Washington. Great movie by the way! I put the kids to bed up in the loft and sat at the top of the stairs watching the movie through the railing until the boys fell asleep.

Dustin said I looked like I was in prison. I told him I was serving my 18 year sentence 😉

The next morning went pretty slow. We lazed around drinking coffee and slowly getting breakfast in which was bacon and eggs. The kids had yogurt and muffins.

After breakfast we got our showers in and lazed around a little more. Dustin got a tired little Eli to take his morning nap. I was shocked! But I know how comfortable Daddy’s chest can be.

Daddy and Eli Eli sleeping

When lunch rolled around Grandpa took an excited Danny to the water park and grandma and aunt Emily watched the kids, Eli and cousin Tyrion, while Dustin and I along with my sister and her husband, headed up the gondolas to the ski lodge for lunch.


It was a 20 minute ride up to the top but it was beautiful! You could see a lot better once you got up through the fog.

Gondola Ride

My goofy husband. He was a snowboarding feen when we first met and still plays the part well.


The lodge was like any other ski lodge. Loud and busy! Lunch was good and the Butterfinger Warmer I had was delicious!

We headed back down the mountain after lunch and arrived to two happy babies. We just missed Danny who had eaten his lunch and was back swimming with Grandpa and uncle Jaryd. I was missing my little boy but knew he was safe and having the time of his life with them.

Pretty soon dinner rolled around and steak was on the menu! Dustin took charge and cooked the steak to order! He is truly amazing in the kitchen, the meal was restaurant quality and so so delicious!

After dinner I gave the kids a bath and got them ready for bed. Danny was exhausted from a day of non stop fun so I put them down for bed and took my place at the top of the stairs while we watched the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I didn’t really like the first one but this one wasn’t bad.

We also played a game called 8 ball (a pool game) on our phones throughout the trip. You can challenge each other and win coins. It was fun to play each other randomly. We often did that through the movie 😉

We went to sleep when it was over and finished our last night at the resort. Eli woke up at his usual time, six o’clock. Children, they have no respect for vacation. I went down the stairs to get Eli’s morning baba when he let out a few loud cries, waking pretty much everyone else up. Little stinker!

Mom had the morning coffee waiting for us. Coffee, how I love thee! Breakfast consisted of leftover steak and eggs. Yummy! Again the kids stuck with their yogurt and muffins. We got our showers in and started packing for the trip home. It snowed all night long at the resort and continued to snow throughout the morning. We new we needed to get home as the snow was also headed to our little town.

It worked out perfect. The kids, still exhausted from the day before, slept most of the way home.

Fast asleep

Danny snored so loud he almost woke Eli up a couple times. I told Dustin that is what he does to me. He laughed.

We were home before long and just in time! The snow was really starting to stick. We left a clean house and it was wonderful to walk into!

I got us unpacked pretty quickly and started laundry and lunch. It is now Monday and I am so glad to be back to normal. I love my normal!

Vacation was wonderful and it was all thanks to my parents! If we go back to Silver Mountain next year Dustin and I would really like to snowboard! They also have a snow tubing hill but Eli was to young for it this year, kids have to be at least two years old. We will have more options next year and a better idea of what is up there. Over all it was a great vacation! We weren’t to busy and it was great to spend a weekend in a cozy condo with the family.