Silly Story Monday – Spit Up and Opera Songs

This is my first post for Silly Story Monday! I am excited and happy to share these stories with you. My hope is, after peaking into my life, you can laugh with me at the craziness that runs rampant through my house. I pride myself on the silliness that surrounds our home because being serious, is just not fun.

Danny’s Weekly Story

I was working in the kitchen when all the sudden I got this urge to sing for joy! This happens a lot, specially after I have coffee, its random, not even I know when the urge will occur… So I did a really loud “Ahh” (imagine a beautiful opera voice)! Danny look’s up from his plate of food and calmly says, “to loud mommy.” Yeah, he burst my bubble. Guess that’s what I do to him on occasion but its usually because baby brother is sleeping! I just need to teach Danny when it’s appropriate to sing loud, proud and full of joy!

Eli’s Weekly Story

I had on my jacket, pretty sure I cleaned it within the last couple days, and who should miss the spit up rage? Baby Eli. I eyed the spit up dripping down my jacket and as I removed the rage to wipe it up, who should sneeze on me but, baby Eli. Spit up still in his mouth and all. Not only was it on my jacket, now it was sprayed in my face and on neck. It wasn’t just one sneeze either. No he had three in there. I was sufficiently covered in baby spit up. Good thing the child is cute. After wiping my face and neck off I through my jacket in the wash, again. Eli was back to playing and I was back to my daily tasks. Baby spit up is a perfume I wear these days… I cant help it. Apparently Eli cant either…