Silly Story Monday!!!

I forgot to post a Silly Story Monday last week. For that, I am sorry. The weekend got away from me. I was super lazy, I fell asleep drooling on the couch. It was marvelous! Our newest little boy, hes five months old, is now sleeping in big brother Danny’s room and its been an adjustment for us all. Sleeping on the couch helped me catch up on some much needed rest. Anyway, I am rested and now ready to share some silly stories!

Eli’s Silly Story

This one actually happened on a Monday. I had a few errands to run in town so I began packing up the kids. Easy peasy right? Well, it usually is. Except now my 5 month old boy loves, and I mean loves, to grab my hair. I am going to have to start wearing it up.  I had Eli in my arms and his car seat all prepped and ready. All the sudden, while I am lowering him in, he decides to grab two huge handfuls of hair on either side of my head. I’m stuck. He is halfway in the car seat and if I cry retreat, I’ll bump his head trying to get him back out. So, I continue lowering him down, ever so slowly. Hes probably smiling at all of mommy’s silly pain filled faces. Although I try, I cant get my head in the car seat with him so I have to stretch my head up and over it. As I get him in place the lovely car seat handle swings forward and smacks me right on my lip! Finally, he lets his death grip go on my hair and I step back to feel my already swelling lip. I look at baby Eli who is smiling, happy as can be, trying to eat the little hairs he pulled out of my head. Thank goodness I have a lot of hair. At least the baby survived unharmed.

Danny’s Silly Story

I’m sitting inside on the couch feeding a very hungry baby Eli when my toddler, who is outside, runs up to the screen door and holds up my watering can. “I peed on it mommy, I peed on it, I’m sorry, I peed on it.” He then turns and runs away like since he told me, all is well. I sit on to couch with a look of disgust on my face. Why? Why did he have to pee on my watering can? He knows good and well that if he pees outside he is suppose to pee in rocks! I know for a fact that watering can was NOT in the rocks but sitting on my outside table. After inspecting the table and finding no pee I came to the obvious conclusion that he placed it in the rocks. Fantastic. This is the danger of raising boys. Since they can point and shoot it, its its own toy. I am thoroughly disgusted and told Danny if he ever wants to pee outside that better never happen again!

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