Setting Realistic Goals with THM for 2016

Okay its time to have “the talk.” I know there are many people out there setting goals for the new year and most of you, all who read this, are looking to get in shape, lose weight and find a healthier lifestyle. Aren’t ya?

Our church pastor, Mr. Ken Ortize of Calvary Spokane said “According to researchers, 50% of Americans will engage in the practice of “resolution making,” in an effort to “make lasting changes in who they are.” In the end, only 8% will achieve any significant degree of success.” Yicks! That is a sad truth! You are currently part of that 50% so how do you plan to be part of that 8% at the end of the year.

Realistic Goals People! That’s how!

In my own opinion, I think the problem is people set unrealistic goals that are to hard to obtain. Thing don’t go the way we planned in the time frame we wanted so we throw our hands in the air and give up.

Well stop it!

In this post I will talk about THM and how it can benefit you, if you give it a chance, if you set realistic goals and apply patience.

THM is very unique. It affects peoples weight loss in different ways. There is a turtle group for people who lose slow, and then you read about people reaching their goals in a year or less. You have people from every walk of life and each of their stories are different, so don’t compare! I know its hard but comparison really is the enemy.



The first two months are about learning, growing and feeling better. Weightless will happen but you need to give your body time. Imagine, for a moment, that you giving yourself that time. Imagine not crying over the scale that doesn’t seem to move. Imagine not feeling that frustration! FREEDOM! That is what THM preaches!

What you need to know when you first start. You are going to go through a sugar detox. You are going to have headaches, body aches and mood changes. You are going to feel icky for the first two to three weeks if you do it cold turkey. This is normal. This is how I did it and it was tough. But when those symptoms finally wore off I. Felt. Amazing! It was a transition period and I knew it. I also knew I never wanted to go through that again.

When I was off the sugar my taste buds opened up to so many different foods! I was falling in love with new flavors and it was amazing!

Being on THM is all about planning it out and thinking ahead. If you don’t think you can do that than you should give up right now. I am serious. THM is very versatile, you don’t have to plan out every second of it but there is some leg work. And that is OKAY! You obviously have to change what you are doing. Be ready for it. Try, try again.

If you want to start THM in the new year BE PREPARED!

  1. Start a Pinterest board.
  2. Write out a menu or go on Pinterest and pin one. Or look at mine here.
  3. Write out a shopping list
  4. Go shopping! Get the items you need in your menu plan. You don’t have to purchase everything at once. I did it a little over time and now I have everything I need.
  5. Start following these amazing blogs who all follow the THM plan. The recipes and information you will get from these amazing ladies is so beneficial:
    1. A Home with Purpose!
    2. Gwen’s Nest
    3. Briana Thomas
  6. Look at my specialty items list. I write about where I purchase these times and have pictures of what to look for. In that post I have the THM website, Facebook pages and Pinterest page listed so you can find the right information easily.
  7. Last but not least buy the book. You just have too. Get to know this plan inside and out and you will find success!

Give yourself time and grace. You need and deserve that. This is something new and with anything new it takes time and patience.

Set a goal to get healthy. Weight loss will come but with THM you cant set a one or two pound a week weight loss goal. That is not how this works. Your body changes, adjusts and it will lose weight in its own time frame.

Yes it is frustrating but this is honest lasting results that not only help you lose weight it helps clear your skin, it reshapes your body, it gives you energy! Its well worth it! I promise!

Set goals to learn the THM plan, to stock your cupboards with the right items and throw away the junk. Set a goal to write a menu plan for January complete with a shopping list. Set a goal to spend a few minutes a day reading the book. Little by little it will all come together. Be realist people. You can and will get there!

Blessings sweet friends!