September in Review.

This month has been b-u-s-y! My check list is almost complete and the feeling is wonderful! One huge item checked of the list was finishing our fence!

9-30-13 001

Now Danny is locked safely in the backyard and I can begin to plan out how I want to landscape it next summer! So many wonderful ideas that will take a few summers to accomplish, but I’m okay with that. Next year I really want to set up my garden and maybe a fire pit. There are so many wonderful ideas I have listed on Pinterest. Check out my Garden and Backyard ideas. I need to sift through them but the possibilities are endless!

Before it gets any colder we need to blow out our sprinkler system and mow the yard at least one more time. I also need to clean out and put away my flower pots. After that our house is set for the cold winter months ahead.

I did a few fall decorations inside this weekend! Fall is my favorite season, if I haven’t mentioned that before ;), and decorating our brand new house was so much fun!

9-30-13 029

This little table is what welcomes you into our home. I have a basket full of winter mittens and hats and one of my favorite pictures of Danny a few seasons ago.

9-30-13 026

I have this above my kitchen cupboards. I love how simple and yet creative chalk boards can be!

I need make a wreath and get a few twigs for the big vase I have set up outside our front door. I would show it to you but its incomplete. I have just a few final touches I need to add first.

Next on my list was cleaning a few final things for baby! I kept all of big brother Danny’s toys so I had to go through them and clean the ones I wanted to keep. Baby toys are ridiculously expensive! Seriously, I have never seen plastic cost so much! I have quite a few toys but I didn’t want to spend all day at the kitchen sink so this is what I did…

9-30-13 014

I put them all in a laundry bag and set them on the top rack of my dish washer. Pretty clever right?! It was yet another idea from Pinterest. They actually filled the bag with legos and put them in their clothes washer, which is what I need to do with Danny’s legos, but it worked great for all the baby toys as well. I made sure there were no stickers on the items I put in the bag otherwise I’m sure they would have been ruined.

9-30-13 020

Now that all the toys are cleaned and ready I need to wash the bottles I have. I plan on breastfeeding but you never know how that will go and I want to be set and ready if we need to go to plan B, which for me, is to pump. My wonderful cousin was given two breast pumps and she said she would give one of them to me! I feel so blessed! The one she is planning on giving me is a Medela! This is rated one of the best breast pumps available today. I had trouble feeding my first son and ended up pumping a little for him so I have all the needed accessories that go with a Medela pump. Is God good or what?! I was going to go buy one but I didn’t want to spend the money on something I may or may not need. But God has blessed me with one anyway. I am constantly in awe of His kindness and love.

9-30-13 023

My husband and I set up the crib this weekend! It was sitting in our garage and now its all cleaned and sitting in big brothers room waiting to be used. I didn’t wash any of the sheets yet because I will be washing them again when I move baby from our room to his. In case you didn’t know the nursery is pirate themed! Action and adventure all the way for our two boys!

The only things left on the check list are cleaning the bottles, washing all the baby blankets and the jackets hanging in the closet. Currently I am working on packing for the hospital, I will be doing a post on that in the near future, and continuing to stock up my freezer with meals for after baby is born. Our garage needs a little more organizing and then I will be able to park my car in it. It will be wonderful to have a nice dry garage to get the children in and out of this winter.

October is looking to be just as busy as September. I would really like to go in with some family to buy an apple bin to make apple sauce for Danny and Eli when he begins to eat. I already got my Freezer Jam done.

I’d also like to get a few family photos taken before Eli is born. I don’t have many of me being pregnant so I think that would be fun. Also Dustin and I need to go on our date night before Eli arrives. He could arrive anytime after the middle of October and I have this feeling he is going to be early. I could be wrong but I have to be prepared!

Hoping your harvest season has been wonderful. I sure am enjoying the cool crisp weather. Happy Fall Ya’ll!!!

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  1. You are so wonderfully organized Lesley & the fence & crib look amazing! Make sure you get some rest too in these last weeks to store up energy for the busy weeks ahead!

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