A Season.

I never heard the expression, ‘its just a season,’ until I was seeking encouragement from my mother. I was telling her of some stress in my life when she said not to worry, it’s just a season, and it will be over soon.

Just a season.

I found comfort in those words. First, when I think of a season I think of all the memories and joys to be found and held in that short period of time. Seasons in themselves hold their own beauty. There is usually something we don’t like in each but we learn to adapt and carry on anyway.

For winter it is the danger of driving in the snow and having to shovel the driveway.

For spring it is the allergies and constant sneezing.

For summer it is the bee stings and bugs.

For fall it is returning to college or school, or having to rake the leaves pilling up in the backyard.

But for each of these there is beauty.

For winter it is the coziness of the cold, the snowman we build and the beauty of seeing the ground covered in a clean blanket of snow.

For spring it is seeing the flowers bloom and watching the world come back to life after a long cold winter.

For summer it is the beautiful butterfly, the trips to the lake and calm evenings sitting on the back porch.

For fall it is watching the leaves turn colors, the cool brisk air and the pumpkin spice latte’s.

If I think of these stressful times as a season instead of a life’s lesson or as just a stress filled time in life, I feel like I might be able to find the beauty in it all. There is always beauty. Never forget that. If you have to step outside to watch the sun set just to see the beauty, than do that. Always search for something beautiful.

It also helps to rejoice with the people who are excited about, buying a new car, or that things in life seem to be going really well for someone.

I have promised myself not to be bitter. Even though I want those things for myself I will not ask God, “Why cant I have that?” or “Why do you always give me the tough stuff.”

The only reason I wont ask that stuff now is because I have before, and it has never done me any good. I have looked at other peoples life’s and coveted what they had.

It made me bitter and angry. I hated that feeling, I hated how it made me act and react. I know too many people who are bitter and angry over coveting what they can not or do not have. I want to be nothing like them. It has quite literally destroyed their lives.

Remembering to take it to God, I prayed. “Lord, help me to be happy for these people. Help me to be filled with joy in these hard times. I don’t want to be bitter. I don’t want to be that person in the corner looking on these happy people with hate and bitterness in my eyes. I want to celebrate with them. So when me and my family make it through this season, they will also celebrate with us.”

Yes I cried while I prayed. I asked for forgiveness but I also asked for strength. I asked that we to might find a vehicle one day for a great deal and to help me be patient. I asked God to take the anger and bitterness and fill my heart with love and joy.

While I was praying I felt a peace wash over me. It was beautiful. I felt happy and excited again.

It is amazing how quickly the Lord can work. It just takes you seeing and recognizing the the wrong and then asking God to help you with it.

If I ever felt like I was going back into jealousy I prayed again and immediately found peace in Him.

There is nothing like the feeling of peace. It is so calming and beautiful.

I want to be that strong woman in the room encouraging others even though my world seems to be falling apart. I want my children to celebrate with others and trust that God has a plan for them. That seasons are short and God is greater than anything we feel or want in this world.

I want most of all for my family to be strong, loving and true. To trust and love God through every walk of life.

I realize that if that is what I want for my family, I must do that very thing.

A hymn comes to mind:

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
and renew a right spirit within me.
Cast me not away from your presence,
and take not your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with your free Spirit.
Create in me a clean heart, O God,
and renew a right spirit within me. 

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  1. Lelsy you are quite a beautiful all put together young woman.. God is good continue to trust I Him he will direct your path an yes season’s are short so enjoy each one Hugs from this grandma

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