Pretty In Purple.

This morning was a little messy.

unnamed (3)

I knew exactly what was going to happen but they were having so much fun!

unnamed (6)

Danny would throw the purple piece of chalk in the pool and come back to the porch and paint. Eli was very intrigued as you can see. What little baby can resist the urge to touch something so bright and beautiful!

unnamed (4)

Not this baby… I was just glad he didn’t eat it. Danny kept telling me to keep Eli away from his painting and I tried, then quickly gave up… I needed to either rinse it off the porch or let him explore.

Explore it was!

unnamed (2)

And oh what fun he had!

unnamed (1)

Danny had lots of fun to (he didn’t want his picture taken) and wanted more chalk to color the rest of the porch. Such a huge blank canvas for such a creative little boy!

I didn’t give him anymore chalk least it begin to track into my house and all over my tile floor.

What does a mama do when her boys are stained purple? She puts them in the bath…


After the boys were clean and I drained the purple bath water and all was well once again. I love my silly boys! My mornings would be so dull and purple-less without them 😉