Prepping The Bathroom Part 1

Gone are the days when I can get a project done in one day. I have been attempting to get my bathroom painted for a couple weeks now. I have the paint purchased and everything. What I am missing is the time to get it done.

When nap time came around today I was super excited! I made myself a THM smoothie and started to prep the boys bathroom. It took a while to get started as I am doing stripes down the wall. I had to get my pattern figured out and transferred on to a piece of wood and then transferred on to my wall. Let me break it down for you.

I am painting with three colors but I am also leaving a strip of the wall without paint. So I have four colors to work with and coordinate.

2-13-14 031

I want to separate the two greens with the blue and the color of my wall is tan. I cut strips of paper representing each of the four colors and lined them up to help me decided on a pattern. After I chose my pattern I chose how thick and thin I wanted to colors and THEN I transferred it to a piece of wood. I used that piece of wood with my pattern on it to help me transfer it to my wall.

2-13-14 0321

Phew! That was what most of my time was spent on! Next I held up the wood with my pattern on it to the wall and began marking and taping it off. Now, since I am doing stripes that means I will have to do two sets of taping. I will tape off my first two colors and after I paint those and they dry, I can paint my second colors.

If I knew this was going to be so much work I probably would have chosen something much simpler. But the paint is purchased and I have all this thought and work into it now so I will finish! It’s just going to take a while 🙁

I can explain more as I go. Unfortunatly I only got an hour to work on my project and after I sorted out all the pattern stuff and began the transfer who should wake up but my three month old son.

2-13-14 019

Yes he is adorable but I was expecting a two to three hour nap! Oh well… He wasn’t the only one not cooperating. My three year old son Danny…

2-13-14 015

Wanted to go out and play in the snow and sunshine! Yes hes cute too but I so wanted at least half of this project done BEFORE they woke up. There is always tomorrow.

So far this is what I have tapped off.

2-13-14 027

That is maybe a fourth of what I still need to get done. Thank goodness I’m not painting strips on all of my walls! If you look closely you can see little pieces of paper taped to the wall and blue tape. That is for me to remember what color goes where. Again, it sounds really confusing but hopefully as I begin painting it will all make sence. I’m not the best at explaining things so bare with me! 😉

It is a huge project but when its done it will look so great! I’m painting my boys bathroom and in spite of the constant delays, I am glad to have something to do during these winter months!

Stay tuned people! Its just starting to get interesting!