Preparing for Christmas.

Its the beginning of November and the snow is falling out my window. Such a peaceful feeling. I have always loved the sound of snow flakes falling. Its almost like you can hear a little glass like clink when they nestle themselves on top of other resting flakes. The air is cold and refreshing and everything is beautiful!

As I sit in my chair admiring the view out my window I cant help but start to think of Christmas! It is without a doubt my favorite season! We will be celebrating it for the first time in our brand new house! I am so eager to decorate and get crafty with it. Thinking about Christmas also helps to busy my mind as we wait for our little baby to arrive. I am now over my due date and very anxious to meet him. The snow along with the warm fuzzy feelings it brings are healthy distractions.

First to make the season merry and bright you have to have the right music! I add to my Christmas music collection every year. Last year it was Michael Buble: Christmas. This year Kelly Clarkson released a new album: Wrapped in Red.

Michael buble Christmas wrapped in red

I live by music! It sets the mood and can add excitement or a calming feeling to the season.

Next on my list is to make some homemade Christmas crafts! It will help to keep me and my 3 year old busy. Danny is always ready to help create something new and exciting but where do I go to find ideas? Pinterest of course! I have a board labeled Christmas Crafts and Decor for me and my son. Cant wait to get started! I will probably have to take a trip to the craft store first.

Some of the decorating ideas that stood out to me were:

Christmas tree       christmas light tree

I have a little table that sits at my front door that either of these would be perfect on! So simple and easy yet, creative! I could put a little framed sign at the bottom of the tree that sings a famous carol or have a quote framed from a Christmas movie.

Christmas balls and ribbon       Unto us

Again so simple and creative! The ornaments I could hang in front of my kitchen window and the sign I would place outside my front door. I am in love with these ideas and cant wait to start on them!

Next is craft ideas to do with my son Danny.

Danny craft 1 danny craft 2

Danny loves to work with glue so what better crafts to get sticky and messy with! He will love these!

Danny craft 3      Danny craft 4

I can here the giggles now as I try to paint Danny’s feet for the reindeer photo. I’m sure its something baby Eli would enjoy as well! For the next craft I could easily add a magnet to the back of the clothes pins and hang his Christmas pictures from the fridge with them!

I am really looking forward to this Christmas season! A new house to decorate and a new little baby to share it with. My husband and I are truly blessed!

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas.

  1. What a great post! I was thinking today that I wish I could play some Christmas music. I love the Unto us a Child is Born sign.
    We have made our garage into a bird house building room, I’m sure we could use it for putting together the sign too. It’s even nice and warm. We put the outdoor heater in there!

  2. Waking up to the snow really helped put me in a good mood! There are many other signs on Pinterest made from wooden pallets as well. I might make more than one 😉

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