Power Of A Little Complement.

Today I received a very sweet compliment. I was walking in a parking lot when a woman rolled down her car window and said “Most people are afraid to ask women if they are pregnant, but you, you just look so proud to be.” I of course said thank you, I could tell she meant it as a huge compliment, but I walked away just a little confused.

Proud? Maybe more like comfortable? Don’t get me wrong I am anything BUT comfortable these days! I am now 30 weeks along 😉 But maybe I look comfortable in my own skin as a pregnant woman?

I must admit I am not as scared this time around. The things worrying me last time, like stretchmarks 🙁 aren’t what I am concerned about this time. I know nothing compares to the beautiful little life growing inside me.

I still have fears but they are different than with my first. These fears range from simple things like, how do I go grocery shopping with two children when my three year old can still make it difficult. To, how do I divide my time between them! I will have a new set of struggles and I hope you follow my blog as I work through them. I’m sure there are many funny stories ahead 😉

All in all what I think what the lady in the car meant was, proud, as in, honored and glad to be pregnant. And I am! I think it’s wonderful she saw that from just a glance. And even more wonderful that she shared it with me 🙂 I have my hard days (I’v been having a few lately) and its complements like this that can turn my day around. Never underestimate the power of a little complement!