Poop on my floor…

Showers are a sacred thing to me. I reflect, pray and often recharge through the warm cleansing water. So when my potty training toddler runs up to me during this sacred time and screams “mom, I need da go poop!” the frustration and chaos ensues.

I open the door of the shower and stare at my toddler wondering what in the world I can do.

“Go sit on the potty!” I say.

I wonder to myself if he can climb up there alone even with the stool that sits permanently in the bathroom.

Eli races out trying to squeeze his butt cheeks together.

“Danny! Help your brother!” I say.

I wonder if he can help Eli climb up and steady the potty seat for him. Heck, I wonder if Eli will let him!

And them comes the inevitable scream…


Uh. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.

With my shower ruined and my floor violated, I remember that this will one day pass and I will actually miss these moments. Maybe not these moments in particular, even though it does make for a good laugh, now. And of course it helps that they are cute…

poop on my floor

Patients sweet mamas. Learning to laugh at these situations takes practice. Just know the floor cleans, and your children, though messy, need your love and patience.