Painting The Master Bedroom!

Sunday we finally painted our Master Bedroom! So exciting to see it finally coming together. Before the paint it felt so plain. It didn’t even look much like a bedroom until now!

PicMonkey Collage1

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my husband! He did all the taping for me 🙂 What a guy! Danny was also an amazing little helper. He kept things clean with the vacuum 😉

8-19-13 009

It was a full days work and at the end this pregnant woman was exhausted, but I couldn’t stop just yet! I had to paint our nightstands too!

Night stands

I am ordering a glass topper from our local glass shop. We set water cups and millions of different things on these so a glass top protector will be fantastic!

The only casualty of the day was sadly, my pants.

8-19-13 031

My favorite maternity pants got red paint on them. Pretty shocking considering we had a very curious three year old running around. He managed to escape the day without so much as a brush stoke on him!

8-19-13 030

Silly little boy that he is!

Now trust me I did try to be careful not to get painted on. When my husband and I painted the bedroom I did so pant-less. I’m pregnant and huge and have nothing but good clothes that fit right now. I asked Dustin if I could paint in just his T-shirt and my panties, he of course had no objections 😉 When I went outside however I had to put something on and I didn’t think I would be that messy but the wind was blowing and it blew it right on my pants.

To finish up our room I need to pick out some curtains and look for an abstract art piece for one of our other walls. My goal is to have this all finished by the time baby Eli is born. The paint is the hard messy part so with that behind us I have faith it will be done by then!

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