Painting The Bathroom Part 2

I finally got the boys bathroom painted! It took me two days to tape it, read here. I could not have done it without the help of my wonderful husband! He watched the kids for me and kept them out of my hair. He put them down for naps, fed them lunch and kept them happy! I seriously couldn’t have got it done without him! Love you honey!!!

It also took me two days to paint so it ended up being a four day project! FYI stripes are hard and time consuming but oh, oh so much fun! I never painted stripes down my wall before so it was quite a learning experience.

As I said in my previous post with the link listed above, I taped and prepped and in this post I begin the painting process!

2-16-14 0011

My first stripe was the darker green. Next I painted the light green. After those colors dried for about 30 minutes I pealed off the tape so the paint and the tape didn’t stick together and rip when I removed it. That gave me this…

2-16-14 012

All I had left was the blue strip which went in the widest area between the two greens! Which looks like this when finished…

2-16-14 054

The blue stripe was by far the hardest to paint as I had to do it free handed! I couldn’t tape over my other colors because I noticed the tape had torn some of the original tan color off my walls. I didn’t want all my hard work to go to wast so yes, I free handed it. It really wasn’t hard it was just time consuming. Again a huge thanks to my husband! I couldn’t have done it without his help in watching the children.

I then proceeded to paint the light green on the rest of my walls and the now finished product looks like this…

           2-16-14 045                     2-16-14 047    2-16-14 046   2-16-14 049

As you can see we chose a monkey theme for the boys bathroom. The colors went great together and if I ever want to change the decor I have a few colors I can match it too!

All in all it was very fun and the bathroom turned out better than expected! I love the stripes and might add a few more to some other walls in our new home. Different colors of course 😉