Hope Chest Memories.

8-13-13 006

This is my hope chest. My mother, the wise woman that she is, made sure I had one before I left home. I keep my most important memories in here. Recently instead of a chest of memories, it was becoming a junk drawer. The lid would no longer shut so today I went through it. What a pleasant walk down memory lane. And lucky you, I’m gonna share a few 😉 memories that is!

8-13-13 012

This me and Dustin’s engagement photo from the night he proposed. I was so excited to find this!

8-13-13 018

Another photo near and dear to our hearts is this one. Without these two women high school just wouldn’t have been the same. On the far left was our high school mentor and administrator and on the far right was is our amazing teacher, you will never find a person more creative or full of life.

8-13-13 008

This photo is from our honeymoon in Hawaii! We were at a luau when this pictures was taken. If ever in Hawaii you must attend a luau! I will never forget our 10 day trip to paradise.

Next is a few letters I kept. Okay so its a lot of letters! They range back to when Dustin and I dated, to graduation. It has my wedding shower cards and all our wedding day cards. Also all of my baby shower cards and Danny’s birthday cards! Yes I have them all. Three bags full…

8-13-13 020

I went through each and everyone. They are all special but I was obviously running out of room so I kept the ones that I couldn’t part with and got it down to one bag!

8-13-13 025

I organized them into sections to keep better track. I don’t know the next time I will read through them but they are something of our past. Documentation of our accomplishments written by people we love and respect.

One thing I was shocked to find was this tiny note. I it wrote the night my Grandpa passed away. I don’t remember writing it but everything else about that night is still very vivid in my memory.

8-13-13 036

I was 16 years old. My Grandpa was a very special person whom I still miss today.

On a lighter note I went through all the letters Dustin and I have written to each other over the years. Reading some of them brought tears to my eyes. Nothing brings memories and feelings back like a love letter. I organized them into this…

8-13-13 030

“So you always remember just how much I love you!” It says. I have letters I wrote to him and visa versa. The encouragement and love written on those pages will forever be cherished. They deserved a place of their own.

Which brings me to the project I will be working on soon. Our bedroom! I just bought red paint and will be picking out curtains soon! I want our bedroom to be centered around Dustin and I. It will be a quite and relaxing atmosphere where we can go to collect our thoughts and reminisce. I am implementing our wedding colors and will be hanging photos of our favorite memories shared together.

There is much more kept in the safety of my little wooden box but not all memories are meant to be shared. I would encourage you to keep a safe place for your special things. Its amazing what you can forget. Its even more amazing how seeing a picture or note can bring those lost memories back.

Finding Out With Our Second.

3-8-13 001

My husband and I found out I was pregnant with our second in February 2013. We had been trying for some months so it wasn’t like the shock we got with our first. Still, I did shake a little when I saw that positive plus sign.

I remember buying the test. That in its self is a funny story. I was actually driving into town with my sister. I didn’t want to let anyone know I was getting a pregnancy test so I asked her to stop at the store so I could pick up some lemon extract. See, I make a really amazing lemon loaf! Its really a fantastic dessert with the moist center and the melted powdered sugar topping! Mmm… Sorry, back to the story. Yes I lied to my sister. Do I feel guilty? No. But I told her the truth later so I can’t be called a liar 😛

I get home, but I don’t pee on it right away because, well, it was back in February and I don’t remember. I did pee on it that night while Dustin was in the shower. We only had one bathroom at the time so I didn’t have a choice! I waited till he had his face wash on so he couldn’t peak out of the the shower to give me one of his creepy looks while I peed… Yeah, he does that to me. He knows how much I hate it, I’m sure that has something to do with why he STILL does it. Anyway I pee on the stick, wait the three required minutes and wham! Find out I am preggers with baby number two!

I tell myself I’ll wait till Dustin is sitting on the couch then surprise him! You know like women do in the movies? They are all sneaky and cute about it. I mean I was a little sneaky peeing on it in while he was in the shower and all. I don’t think that’s cute though… As soon as I saw the test, my heart started racing and then I told Dustin. Yes, he was still in the shower. He was so excited! I was scared and excited! His exact words were “Naughty’s pregnant!”

I know your all a little confused so let me enlighten you. Naughty, is my pet name. Now, please don’t over think that. Its not a dirty joke. I honestly can’t tell you why he calls me that. He has for years and probably always will. Even now as I lean over to ask him… “I don’t know, I just liked calling you naughty.” That’s all the man has to say.

So thus started the our second pregnancy!

A More Memorable And Comfortable Experience.

Me and Eli, at 21 weeks.

6-25-13 002

When Eli is born I want the birthing process to be a little different than with my first. I feel like I missed some important memories because I was scare and overwhelmed. Going into it this time, I hope to be more comfortable and able to focus my attention on particular situations.

I will start with packing for the hospital. I don’t want to wear the hospital gown the whole time again. If you haven’t worn a hospital gown, I will let you know right now it can be pretty revealing. With all its snap buttons and holes for ease of nursing, I had to constantly check to make sure nothing was popping out. Having it on while people came to visit was a little scary! I have read other bloggers birth stories, very inspirational, and I think wearing one of my husbands baggy T’s after delivery will be perfect. I will also be bringing my own pillow and I remember getting cold, so I will bring one of my favorite fluffy blankets! Nothing beats the comforts of home 🙂

During labor I would like my mom to snap a couple pictures of my husband and I. We weren’t in any pictures together last time and its a special experience we share together. I couldn’t do it without him and well, it wouldn’t be happening with out me 😉 so pictures of the two of us working through a contraction, smiling like we aren’t the least bit scared or for me, in pain, would be really nice.

Next on my list is watching Dustin cut the umbilical cord. There was so much going on right after our first son was born I missed it. I actually didn’t know he cut it until a few weeks after!  That just makes me sad. I want to see and experience that.

Lastly, before people come to visit, Dustin and I will have the first couple hours to ourselves. After our first son was born, and I mean almost right after, our hospital room was filled with family and friends. We hardly had a moment together before people in the waiting room began rushing in. I had no time to put myself in order, it was quite an uncomfortable experience. “Oh hi there. Yeah I just pushed a baby out of my va-jay-jay but hey, come on in!” That’s what it felt like 🙁 Imagine messy hair, tear streaked face and a look of utter shock. I didn’t get to see myself, but I can only imagine. I wasn’t mad at anyone, I could understand their excitement. However next time we will have a couple hours alone before anyone sets foot in our room! Please and Thank you 🙂

All in all I hope to have a more memorable and comfortable experience. I want to be more aware of my surroundings so there are no missed memories.  I always have my goals 😉 whether its suppose to work out my way or not.

Danny’s Birth Story

As we arrive at the hospital and begin the journey from car to birth room our excitement started growing. I say journey because with every contraction I had we stopped and waited till it was over. Dustin wanted to get me a wheel chair but I did NOT want a wheel chair!

We arrived at check in and they showed us directly to our room. The nurse instructed me to take off my clothes, put the hospital gown on and make myself comfortable. She also said before leaving the room that I needed to take my panties off.

That statement has forever stayed with me.

I did not want to lay on a strange bed, in a strange room, with strange people walking in and out, with no panties on! It was something I just didn’t want to do. I looked at my husband and said “I am leaving my panties on.” He said “No your not. The nurse just said you have to leave them off.” We actually argued about this for a while and some how, he won.

A few hours later my mother arrived and that’s when I was really ready for all the happenings to begin. They hooked me up to an I.V and put a band around my belly to keep track of our babies heartbeat. After they had everything in place all we could do was wait.

I was doing it natural, I knew from the start that was how I wanted it done and I had full support from my husband. The nurse was wonderful and never asked twice if I wanted any medication.

I read a book I would suggest to any expecting mother. Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. It really encouraged me to stick with my “all natural plan” and it helped me develop the mindset I needed to accomplish it. I will read it again before the birth of my second son.

As the contractions really began to set in, I have to say, it was a feeling I never could have prepared for or expected. I don’t know if pain is the correct way to describe them. Its not like I was writhing in pain, it only hurt in my abdomen and it was on and off with each passing contraction. I wanted to scream and a couple times, I actually did. When I lost control it only made things worse. So I laid there as still and relaxed as possible. I tired to instead, focus on relaxing every muscle in my body. I know it sounds strange but to get through the process your mind has to be thinking and focusing on other things.

My husband and mom were excellent at helping me in labor! I only got super testy with my husband once when he was leaning on my leg. It made it my contractions hurt so much worse! I looked at my husband with devil eyes and said through gritted teeth “Don’t lean on my leg.” The look on his face was priceless. He instantly stopped leaning against me and looked a tad bit shocked. I love you honey, I really do 🙂

When I felt the need to push, I was told not to! I wasn’t dilated enough. “What?! I can’t stop!” I said. It was seriously something I could not control. Crossing my legs and squirming all over the bed was all I could do to fight the ever increasing erg! Finally I was given the “go ahead” and man did it feel good! The only part I struggled with was the breathing process. I remember my husband looking down at me with a very concerned look. “Breath!” He yelled at me! I instantly took a breath and was shocked at how much air I sucked in! Dustin said I had turned blue.

After 25 minutes of pushing out came our little baby boy Danny! He was born at 5:36 p.m and was 7 lbs 20 1/2 inches long. I was in awe! I couldn’t believe that little human being was just inside me! I looked at Dustin and saw him crying tears of joy and relief. Our little boy was finally here!

038 048 057 066

“Oh my gosh. This is really happening!”

I want to share Danny’s birth story. He was born over three years ago, but I want his story documented here like his baby brothers will be. Also, I don’t want to get the facts of their birth stories mixed up 😉 I am always inspired by a good birth story and I love hearing about what others have experienced. So here goes…

My whole pregnancy was an extremely easy one. When we found out I was pregnant I was scared to death. Quite literally. I started shaking and told my husband that our lives were over. Yes that was rather ridiculous of me. Looking back we laugh at the situation.

I am not one of those people that never wanted children. I love kids! But we were not prepared at that particular time to have one of our own. As, scary as it was we were left with no other choice than to start preparing for this little bundle to be. After the initial scare we began to get excited with every baby item we purchased and every appointment we attended.

As the due date started drawing near my husband and I could hardly wait. I was afraid of the whole birth process, at the end of my pregnancy and was so uncomfortable I didn’t care if it was going to hurt, I just wanted my baby!

My contractions started at about 1 a.m. on May 24th, five days before my due date. Up until this point I had never felt a contraction, but I could feel my abdomen contracting so I figured it might be starting. I left my husband to sleep as he was suppose to head out of town that morning and I wasn’t at all to sure what was going on, then I realized my water had broken, it wasn’t a huge gush like in the movies so it took me a while to realize what happened.

My contractions weren’t hurting at all, it kind of felt like a muscle spasm. So I sat down to watch some t.v. and started timing the contractions. They were about 8 to 7 minutes apart at first and gradually they got closer and began to get stronger.

When in doubt call you mother I always say. It was so early though, I text her 😉 She called right back and said “I think you are in labor!” I was a little shocked to hear it. I was thinking that maybe I could be, now I was being told I was in fact in labor!

“Ahh! Its starting! Its going to happen today!!!” That is all I could think. I went to wake up my husband who was completely oblivious to everything going on. He is a hard sleeper, in spite of what he says. After I told him he looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Really? Well I guess I’m not going out of town today.”

Uh yeah. No you are not going out of town. Actually your not going anywhere unless I say its okay. As a matter of fact you are going to do exactly what I say and when I say to do it! I didn’t say this out loud but it was being shouted in my brain…

Keep in mind I am scared, nervous and excited. Being in labor, well, it changes you. It did me anyway. I wanted to be in control and I wanted everything and everyone in place!

My husband got up with me and I explained everything that had been going on since one o’clock that morning. By this time the sun was up and it was about 6 a.m. I sat down and continued to track my contractions until they reach about five minutes apart and they begin to hurt a little. I called the hospital and they said come in at 8 and we will have a room ready and waiting for you.

“Oh my gosh. This really is happening!”

Dustin loads up the car as I sit on the couch. I start crying a little and then he takes my hand and we head for the hospital.