Packing For The Hospital!

Its time! Well time to get the hospital bag packed and ready for when its actually time 😉 I have been reading and researching other women’s blogs and what they have taken to the hospital. I already experienced having a baby there but this time I want more home comforts and as I posted before, I want it to be a different experience.

Packing for the hospital can be a little stressful. You don’t want to over pack and have stuff over filling your room, and you don’t want to under pack because you might miss something important and helpful! I suggest one bag for you, one for baby and one for hubby (in this post I actually combined me and my husbands bag). The hospital really does have just about everything you will need to survive for a few days. But comfort is key so I will be showing and sharing with you what I plan on bringing.

Packing for Me:

I will start with clothing:

A couple of my husbands baggy T-shirts. After birth these will be so much more comfortable to be seen in than the hospital gown. I will also bring a sweater or jacket of my own. I will be having this baby in late October to early November so it will be chilly out! I packed panties, pads, socks, a nursing bra and a sports bra. The sports bra is for when I am actually in labor. I may end up wearing it to the hospital instead. I have clothes to wear home from the hospital and a bag for the dirty laundry. Also, my belly band. As soon as the Doctor says its okay I’m strappin that baby on!


I found this cute little bag on sale at my local store! It will be perfect to hold all my toiletries!

9-30-13 033 9-30-13 042

In little baggies I put some shampoo, conditioner and hair gel. I can throw these way at the hospital when done so I have less to unpack when we get home. I have a cute little travel size bar of soap, Q-tips, a hair brush and toothbrush with tooth past. Also some good smelly lotion 😉 I will add flip flops for the shower. I am a germ-a-phoebe and don’t want my bare feet touching any of the hospital floors.

For make-up I packed a small bag filled with only the bare essentials: highlighting pen, powder, hair bands, bobby pins and mascara. Also a baggy full of my vitamins.

Last but not least! Nipple cream and bra pads. You never know when you will need nipple cream and it is an instant reveler when those titties get chaffed.


9-30-13 043

I may have over done it on the snacks but nothing is worse than being hungry! In the hefty bag I have a roll of quarters for my husband and mom to grab food out of the vending machines along with a few snacks of our own including: granola bars, almonds, a bag of fishy crackers, Ritz crackers, some Planters Peanuts and some microwave popcorn . They have a small kitchenette by the vending machines that has a microwave and I LOVE popcorn! I am also going to pack some Ensure and Gatorade for after I have baby to hydrate and catch up on my vitamins. (Keep in mind I hadn’t started THM at this point yet. Now my food variations would be more on plan.)


Phone Charger and Camera. I will save all the current pictures on my camera to our computer and erase the memory card. I want lots of pictures! As many as possible.

Very Important:

Purse packed with phone, chap-stick and hand disinfectant. This also contains all of my insurance info. I will want my birth plan, hospital papers and birthing book. Natural Childbirth the Bradly Way by Susan McCutcheon. I wrote a little paper for my husband to help me with concentrations and I reference pages to this book.

Comfort and Fun:

My pillow! Its a contoured! I have to have my own pillow 🙂 and a fluffy blanket. I remember getting cold last time and their blankets are anything but fluffy!

DVD’s to watch for the required 24 hour stay AFTER baby is born 😉 My hospital just remolded their maternity ward and now have larger rooms with giant flat screen t.v.s! This may seem silly for some but to me it makes more sense than reading material.

9-30-13 052

Big brother Danny showing you the movies! I have Without a Paddle, Maverick, Meet the Fockers and Six Days Seven Nights, one of my all time favorites!

Packing for Baby Eli

Diaper bag packed with three changes of clothes, socks and a jacket, baby powder, Desitin, wipes, spit rags and two receiving blankets. I also packed a hat I crochet. He will be so gosh darn cute it in!!!

9-3-13 023 10-2-13 002

You may notice I am missing diapers! The hospital actually provides them and they encourage you to take them home because the unused ones get thrown out.

To get home we will need the Car Seat and extra blankies for the ride home.

Packing for the Hubby

He will likely pack at the last minute so I think I’ll have a bag mostly ready for him. I don’t want anything waiting till the last minute! Nope nope nope!

He will want a couple pairs of sweats and some shirts, some boxers, socks and a jacket.

I will also pack a toothbrush and some of his shampoo. Everything else he will need I’ll have in my bag. Last time we didn’t pack much of anything for him but the hospital was literally 5 minutes from our house then. Now its a good drive so rushing home isn’t an option.

Our bag all packed and ready to go!

9-30-13 049

Phew! I feel as ready as can be now! If you are a mom to be getting ready to pack for the hospital I hope you find this helpful 🙂 Feel free to add or change anything as it suites you. Comfort is key so whatever will ease your nerves and make you feel as relaxed as possible will be worth bringing!