Packing For Danny!

I realized I have everything packed and ready for the hospital stay but I don’t have my son Danny packed for Dustin and I’s departure.

It all depends on what day little Eli decides be born to where Danny will be staying. I would prefer he stay here at home with his aunt but since she is a college student now that will only work if its on a weekend. So I may have to take him to Grandpa and Grandmas house to be watched. Which is fine, but for some reason my wish is to have him here at home where everything he needs is at his fingertips.

Either way, since there is no way of knowing, I will have a bag packed full of his clothes, favorite snacks and toys. Ill also write a list of things he loves to eat, when he takes his nap and when to put him down for bed.

In the Danny bag:

Three pairs of shirts, pants, and undershirts.

An abundance of boxers and socks!

A jacket and sweatshirt.

Pair of PJ’s.

A few of his favorite movies and the Kindle with all his favorite games on it.

A key to our house. In case I am missing anything.

Medicine like Tylenol just in case.

And his schedule along with food ideas written out on paper.

I am a protective mom. Having another little boy come into the world makes me want to take extra care to ensure all Danny’s needs are met. Its bittersweet leaving him home while I go deliver baby Eli. I almost wish I could bring him with us for this exciting experience. He is, after all, a huge piece to the puzzle that is our family. I don’t like leaving him behind. All things considered, I don’t want him to see me in that much pain, I think it would scare him, and I need Dustin to be able to focus and help me through the labor process. I know Danny will be safe and happy staying at Grandpa and Grandmas house. I need to remember that and know everything will be okay.

We will have Danny come visit us in the hospital after Eli is born. I am so excited for the moment when they meet each other! Danny is finally getting excited to have a baby. He is starting to understand what a baby is because of his little cousin Tyrion. He was scared of baby Tyrion at first, not sure what to do with him and everyone was always watching carefully whenever Danny went near. Slowly he began to warm up and now has full conversations with him. Tyrion absolutely loves Danny! Whenever Danny comes to talk he smiles so big! Its so sweet! I think Danny will play the big brother role just fine.

9-20-13 0521