Our Home – From A Blank Canvas To A Reflection Of Us!

When me and my husband built and bought this home it was a blank canvas. It was a little overwhelming trying to decorate and make our house look more like a loving and welcoming home. I am not great at home decorating, but its something I love to try and do. Thanks to Pinterest, I have a lot of help!

Today, as I sit and sip my coffee, I cant help but feel happy and blessed. Our home is finally coming together (two years later)! The bare walls are building with memories and themes that help warm our home and reflect who we are and what we love!

It has taken some wrong turns here and there… For instance my living room started like this…

3-10-14 0061

Then went to this…

3-17-14 0091

And we are finally arriving at this…


Still not finished yet but at least I have a color scheme going. Cream and white! I am in love! There are some family pictures I want to add. I love the photos that are transferred onto wood making them look old and rustic. Like so…

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I also want to add some sheer curtains to the window. It all started with a new couch that ended up being cream and then it started coming together after that!

Next is our kitchen that is right off the living room. Being the first rooms in our home that you see we want to make a good impression. I don’t want the same colors in the kitchen as the living room. But I want them to flow. To do this I will add some of the cream color to the kitchen and use different colors there after.

What has been inspiring me lately is garage sales! My parents recently bought a house and the people that lived there were hoarders. The people they bought it from had a house, garage, and shed full of boxes upon boxes of craft items. My sister and I have been hosting garage sales to help get rid of the items and of course we get first pick… and second pick and any pick we want! I have rushed out to grab an item or two after inspiration hit.

Here are the items I have grabbed so far.


I stared at these for a long while… I was thinking I would repaint them but after I got them cleaned and up by my kitchen sign, I found they fit perfectly!


A perfect display if I say so myself! The wine rake we got at World Market on sale from around $35 for $18. And the sign my husband (all by himself) bought from Hobby Lobby. Perfecto!


I found these coffee cups that are a really good size! There is suppose to be metal arms that reach up and around the cups to keep them sturdy. Since I couldn’t find that piece my husband helped me create this instead.


I will paint it to match my “Kitchen” sign and write ‘Coffee’ at the top. Once I get it painted it will look like it belongs. For now it looks a little unfinished 🙁

Next were these bright colored jars! I love the pop of color it adds. I don’t know if these will always stay here, but for now, with my toddler and 16 month old, they are in the safest place possible.


And tada!


My kitchen is coming together! Again, so excited!

I found this little tray. I goes perfect with the coffee table we found at an antique shop in Spokane. I want to find some pretty wooden coasters to go in it.


I found this little bird cage. The shelf my husband just installed and its drying 😉 This is beside the t.v. and will hold the Wii and maybe a couple other small decorative things.


In the bird cage I will put either a small plant or perhaps some candles. I haven’t decided yet.

Last but not least I found this lantern.


Its a small little thing but cute and fits well with the rest of my display above my sliding glass door.


Just a few items that have made a big difference! And the best part, they were all free! The only thing we had to buy was glue for the coffee cup board the hooks to hold the coffee cups. Cheap and easy.

My yard is needs a lot of help but its still spring here in Washington an the weather is unpredictable. When we are ready to work outside its raining, when we are tired and in need of rest, the sun is shinning…

Our sons fifth birthday is coming up in about a month and a half so getting the yard together before then is a must! We have the time still so I’am trying not to worry about it.

I love having house parties and showing people what projects we have completed and new ideas we are working on. It happens at a slow pace but I am finding that is a good pace to work at. If I rush, I usually end up changing something, like my living room and all the colorful boxes we bought. I ended up putting the colored boxes in our office as I slowly replaced them with the cream colored ones. If I take it slow and let the ideas flow, it comes together making perfection!

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