“Oh my gosh. This is really happening!”

I want to share Danny’s birth story. He was born over three years ago, but I want his story documented here like his baby brothers will be. Also, I don’t want to get the facts of their birth stories mixed up 😉 I am always inspired by a good birth story and I love hearing about what others have experienced. So here goes…

My whole pregnancy was an extremely easy one. When we found out I was pregnant I was scared to death. Quite literally. I started shaking and told my husband that our lives were over. Yes that was rather ridiculous of me. Looking back we laugh at the situation.

I am not one of those people that never wanted children. I love kids! But we were not prepared at that particular time to have one of our own. As, scary as it was we were left with no other choice than to start preparing for this little bundle to be. After the initial scare we began to get excited with every baby item we purchased and every appointment we attended.

As the due date started drawing near my husband and I could hardly wait. I was afraid of the whole birth process, at the end of my pregnancy and was so uncomfortable I didn’t care if it was going to hurt, I just wanted my baby!

My contractions started at about 1 a.m. on May 24th, five days before my due date. Up until this point I had never felt a contraction, but I could feel my abdomen contracting so I figured it might be starting. I left my husband to sleep as he was suppose to head out of town that morning and I wasn’t at all to sure what was going on, then I realized my water had broken, it wasn’t a huge gush like in the movies so it took me a while to realize what happened.

My contractions weren’t hurting at all, it kind of felt like a muscle spasm. So I sat down to watch some t.v. and started timing the contractions. They were about 8 to 7 minutes apart at first and gradually they got closer and began to get stronger.

When in doubt call you mother I always say. It was so early though, I text her 😉 She called right back and said “I think you are in labor!” I was a little shocked to hear it. I was thinking that maybe I could be, now I was being told I was in fact in labor!

“Ahh! Its starting! Its going to happen today!!!” That is all I could think. I went to wake up my husband who was completely oblivious to everything going on. He is a hard sleeper, in spite of what he says. After I told him he looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Really? Well I guess I’m not going out of town today.”

Uh yeah. No you are not going out of town. Actually your not going anywhere unless I say its okay. As a matter of fact you are going to do exactly what I say and when I say to do it! I didn’t say this out loud but it was being shouted in my brain…

Keep in mind I am scared, nervous and excited. Being in labor, well, it changes you. It did me anyway. I wanted to be in control and I wanted everything and everyone in place!

My husband got up with me and I explained everything that had been going on since one o’clock that morning. By this time the sun was up and it was about 6 a.m. I sat down and continued to track my contractions until they reach about five minutes apart and they begin to hurt a little. I called the hospital and they said come in at 8 and we will have a room ready and waiting for you.

“Oh my gosh. This really is happening!”

Dustin loads up the car as I sit on the couch. I start crying a little and then he takes my hand and we head for the hospital.

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