New Years Resolution – 2015

I usually don’t make a new years resolutions. Feeling like a failure after the first couple months when things don’t turn out is a horrible feeling. What makes it so hard is the first two months are still the dead of winter. Energy is low and I am still recovering from the holidays.

Typically when I want to do something I will start it at a time in life when it feels right. When I know its necessary or its something that I need to begin right now, whenever now might be.

But this time I am starting and sharing my resolution to hold myself accountable.

Church. My new years resolution is to simply get my family to Church each and every Sunday. No more excuses, no more staying up late Saturday night watching movies and waking up Sunday to tired to attend. I grew up in church and am so thankful to my mother for pushing me to be there along with everyone else in my family.

No more excuses! We belong in Church!

This isn’t only for the benefit of my husband and I, but for our sons as well. They need to know that Church is where you go to learn about Christ, to gather biblical wisdom and hopefully find and make good friends.

When we are at church I feel the Holy Spirit telling me, “This is where you need to be. This is a safe place to learn about me.” I feel like He is telling me this is where I will learn and grow in Him along with my family. Who am I to argue with Him? I love that peaceful feeling I get walking in the doors and the feeling of accomplishment while walking out.

Our sons need to hear bible stories from people other than me. They need to be taught in different ways so they can learn and grow. They also need to learn to respect and be kind to teachers and other children. So much for them to glean from a simple Sunday school class.

I hope all this leads to more church activities and family fictions. Volunteering and helping others through the church is always a blessing. I want our children to bless others through the work of Christ.

I pray so often for their futures. For their future wives and families. I pray that God would impact them in such a way, at a young age, that they would never turn from Him. That they would always know to search and seek God and His will for their precious futures. It brings tears to my eyes knowing my children will suffer. But I also know without struggle there is no learning. I just pray our children will be guided and protected by Christ. That He will speak to them and they would hear Him. I pray that their names would be written in Gods book of eternal life.

I will do everything in my power to demonstrate to our sons who God is. I will try my hardest to live the way God asks so our sons will see Christ through me and my husband and they would want that relationship with God as well.

I pray this so often. It is the cry of my heart for my children to follow Christ. I will forever pray these things until the day I die.

I have never loved the way I love my children. It is a special unconditional love. Their futures and how they learn and grow is partially in my hands. I pray for them, but for my husband and I as well. I always want to be wrapped in prayer. Protected and at peace with our Creator above.

I told my husband this the other day and I have his full support. I told him he needs to help me, help me, get to church. In other words, if I say I’m to tired, kick my butt out of bed!

Church. Its where we are going to be ever Sunday morning in 2015!