New THM Recipe Wednesday! Part 4

This finishes off the last week of this new recipe everyday in June challenge! It was a blast and I found quite a few new recipes to add to my list of favorites.

What I learned:

Experimenting with new recipes is good and exciting. I needed to switch things up and add a little excitement back into my diet, this challenge accomplished just that! I am grateful for the many recipes THM offers and equally as grateful that they are quick and easy to whip up.

Last week Creations:

Strawberry Slushy (FP) page 372 of new THM cookbook. Instead of using plain old water as the recipe calls for, I used sparkling water and it added a little sizzle to this cool refreshing drink. It’s a great afternoon sipper and my kids absolutely loved it too ♡

lemon strawberry

Jigglegurt (FP) page 345 of THM cookbook. It’s made of water, Just Gelatin which is what makes it juggle 😉 Integral Collagen, Greek yogurt, sweetener, lemon juice and sweetener. It has a fun texture because of the gelatin but it doesn’t carry much flavor. I could always add a bowl of sweetened strawberries, which I’ll probably do next time. The recipe fills a quarter jar that I store in the fridge and it really does make a nice go to snack. Over all I like it but, I think the berries will help me love it.


Lemon Poppy Seed Breakfast Cookie (S Meal) recipe from All Day I Dream About Food on Pinterest found here. These are delish and so full of protein! I didn’t have the zest from a lemon but that would have made these even better! I didn’t put the glaze on either cause I’m lazy but all that aside they are a quick, easy, yummy treat!


Cauliflower Tots (S meal) from Pinterest found here. I could not stop eating these babies! Oh my gosh! Dipped in sugar-free ketchup they taste even better. I doubled the recipe to freeze some for later. I put all the ingredients into the blender and thought I might have gotten it to smooth. They are really smooth, if you want them more chunky I’d blend less or maybe use the beaters? They were wonderful though!


Single Serve Sugar Cookies (S Meal) from Pinterest found here. I loved this cookie even though it tore apart and didn’t stay together really well it was sweet and had the cookie texture. I switched the stevia for Truvia in the recipe and instead of cinnamon I sprinkled a little more Truvia on top. Single serve is nice because I can get carried away with these yummy desserts. Cookies are a weakness of mine so finding this gem was great!


Who says you can’t have cake and lose weight?! Well you can with THM thank goodness! Mini White Cake with Butter Cream Frosting (S meal) page 294 of the THM cookbook. Delicious and nutritious. It’s another single serve which means no getting carried away. There are a ton of these single serve type recipes in the THM cookbook.

white cake

French Toast in a Bowl (S meal) from Pinterest found here. Let me just say I am a french toast lover! Always have been, always will be. This recipe hits the spot and its easy to whip up and a lot less messy than the real sugar coated stuff. This was my morning breakfast and it was delicious!

french toast

Oat Flour Cake for One (option E or FP meal) from Pinterest found here. Its hard to come by an E dessert so that’s why I wanted to give this one a try. The texture was great but it really wasn’t full of flavor or sweetness like you’d expect a cake to be. It was filling, however, and if you like Greek yogurt you could easily top this with that.

e dessert

And that complete the June Challenge! Phew! It was a fun and tasty challenge but we are moving on to more exciting things soon! Come July I will be hosting my first every give away!!! Follow my very active facebook page to get involved and enter!

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