New THM Recipe Wednesday! Part 3

Here we are in our last full week of the make a new recipe everyday in June challenge. Its gone rather quickly but I have loved most of the recipes I have tried. There are a few that will become new staples in me and my families diet.

Here’s this weeks new recipes:

Strawberry Muffin (FP) page 281 in new THM cookbook. This means you can have this as a snack or light dessert after and E or S Meal! It was good and rather filling. I loved the light strawberry taste too. My only change would have been to cook it in the oven instead of the microwave. It just doesn’t cook right unless it’s in the oven. Still it was a light tasty treat and you use the same bowl to mix and cook the muffin in. The special ingredient used was the THM baking blend.

strawberry muffin

Orange Sherbet Trim Freeze (FP) page 359 of THM cookbook. This seriously tastes like the Schwan’s man stopped by! Delicious! Who knew carrots and cottage cheese could taste like ice cream?

orange sher

Mufflets (S meal) page 237 of Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. The best thing about these is you can make them ahead of time, freeze them or keep them in your fridge for busy mornings. If you need an easy to-go breakfast item these omelet tasting mufflets would be a great option! I actually just kept mine in the fridge and they lasted four mornings worth of breakfast. It was really nice actually.


I combined these two recipes together as I skipped a day.ย I have Mama’s Famous Meatloaf (S Meal) page 157 and Cheesecake Berry Crunch (S Meal Dessert) page 352, both from the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. These are amazing! The Meatloaf is well flavored and it cooked in an hour. My husband raved about this meat loaf! The dessert was especially tasty and so stinkin easy to whip up! It’s got a little crunch from the nuts and it’s nice and cold from the frozen berries. My Aunt who follows my facebook page brought up a good point. There should have been a side salad served with the meat loaf. THM cant stress enough getting your fill of veggies with each meal! I didn’t because I had a salad just prior to my meal ๐Ÿ™‚


Pretzel Sticks (FP) page 463 of the new THM cookbook. I’ve never been a pretzel lover so I’m probably not the right person to judge this… They are salty and bready but void of much flavor. It does have a bit of a yeast taste due to the nutritional yeast added. I dipped them in Honey Mustard Dressing from page 472 and it added a nice flavor. All in all it was okay? But like I said I’m not a pretzel fan so please try it out before passing it by ๐Ÿ™‚


Microwave Almond Crackers from Pinterest (S Meal). These were perfect! It’s three ingredients that you mix, roll out on parchment paper and microwave! Tada! Crunchy and salty they worked great as cheese and crackers but its a much healthier alternative. Click here for the recipe.


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Till next Wednesdays update, blessings!