New THM Recipe Wednesday! (Part 2)

Hello again! Its been another week of several new THM recipes and I am going to share the collaboration below! Ready?

Stovetop Crunch Granola (E Meal) page 254 of the THM cookbook. I made the pumpkin pie version and I was shocked at how good it was! It had all the crunch and sweetness I wanted and it tasted like fall ♡ I will be making this more often for sure!

Granola Crunch

Lemon-Lime Trim Pop (fuel Pull) page 443 of THM cookbook. What a perfect sub for 7-up! If you want something sweet light and bubbly check this recipe out. It curbed my afternoon sweet tooth and it’s just delicious and fresh! If you struggle with a soda addiction you’ve got to try this out!

lemon-lime soda

Trim Healthy Ketchup (fp) page 482 of THM cookbook. This stuff tastes just like Ketchup! It so easy to make too, I put 6 ingredients into this jar, whisk it up and whala! If you look on the label of your store bought stuff you will find an astronomical amount of sugar in there. I am loving the THM version.


Strawberry Milk (FP) page 438 in the new THM cookbook. Honestly it was not my favorite. I’m not much of a strawberry and milk kind of girl though. It was cold and sweet but the flavor just wasn’t right for me. I struggle with recipes that use large amounts of almond or cashew milk as they tend to taste bland. My protein shakes are the only recipes I LOVE that use these milks. If you wanted to make this for a child or turn it into an S version for yourself you could use 1/2 & 1/2 as a sub for the milk and I’m sure it would taste a lot better. Personal opinion though 😉

strawberry milk

This one I am especially excited to share. Its by Lorraine Truty who just started following my page AND who just started THM.

Strawberry Lemonade. It reminded me of sitting in a restaurant on a hot summer day enjoying something sweet, refreshing and light! Again if you struggle with soda addiction try this out! Recipe Below.

strawberry lemonaid

Strawberry Lemonade by Lorraine Truty:

What you need: 2-4 TBS of Strawberry Sauce (sugar Free..instructions below) 1 lemon 1 lime Sparkling water Truvia 2-3 tsp. Strawberry sauce…. Roughly a cup of strawberries fresh or frozen and place in a sauce pan on medium heat. Add 2 tsp of truvia…more if you think it needs to be sweeter. Heat until it strawberries start to fall apart and are getting soft. Let cool and place in blender to blend until smooth. Squeeze Lemon & Lime over ice. Add your sparkling water then add 2 tsp (more if you want it sweeter) of truvia and 2-4 of your strawberry sauce…mix together and ENJOY! It’s soooo good. Friends can’t even tell it’s sugar free!!!

Last but not least…

Swiss Bread (FP) on page 196 of the new THM cookbook. This was so quick and easy to whip up. It didn’t have much flavor but the texture was bread like and I loved it with Slim Belly Jelly (found in both THM books) over it! I could also use it to make a PB&J. As the recipe states you can make it any flavor you want. Add rosemary, garlic or onion powder, jalapeno, or cheese (cheese would make it an S meal) but I imagine you could also add cinnamon and make it into a Christmas loaf. Over all I loved it and can’t wait to try the different favors for muffins or dinner sides!

swiss bread

I know the recipes were rather simple this week but I ran out of THM supplies so I was slightly limited. I just received my THM order in the mail (watch video of me opening the box here) so the recipes going forward will be of better variety 🙂

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Till next Wednesdays update, blessings!