New THM Recipe Wednesday!

Hello all! Its been just a little challenging to find and make a new Trim Healthy Mama recipe everyday but it’s paying off. I have expanded my horizons and I’m finding a ton of fun and easy recipes!

My favorite this week was….

Honey Mustard Dressing (S Meal) page 472 in the new THM cookbook. Why? Because salad can be so boring when you’ve used the same old dressing for years. This has brought new excitement to my yummy greens and I couldn’t be happier that its only 5 ingredients and super easy to make! I throw all the ingredients into this jar and mix well, whala!


Second ranked:

Pay Off Day Candies (S meal) page 381 of newest cookbook. OH. MY. YUM! You want something that tastes like candy? This is it! Seriously one of my new favorite treats and its so packed with protein it gives you a little burst of energy. A total of 8 ingredients to make this but its all thrown into the pot used to melt and mix. I love one dish goodies <3

Pay Day

Thirdly was…

Mangosicles (E Meal) page 367 in the new THM cookbook. I haven’t tried many E desserts but this was sweet, cold and just plain good! I threw the 4 ingredients into the blender and poured it into popsicle holders. The kids will love this sweet treat too and its been a blessing on these warm summer days.


Nacho Stuffed Peppers page 142 of the new THM cookbook. These made for a delicious husband approved dinner that I paired with a crisp green salad. These would be great bite sized appetizers for summer BBQ’s as well. I love the mini peppers and they cooked quickly do to their size. I topped them with sour cream which made them even more scrumptious!

Nacho poppers

Mashed Fotatoes from the new THM cookbook on page 219. This is suppose to look like mashed potatoes but I used an hand mixer instead of the blender (oops). Its made of cauliflower with a few extra ingredients and it tasted great. It was my fault it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped but I will know better the next time I make it.


Berry Yummy Gummies (fuel Pull) page 388 of new THM cookbook. These little gummies are quite the snack! Packed full of protein just a few of these bite sized squares can help curb hunger. I tried the lemon version of these and I have to say I liked those better. Still these are a delicious snack and will last me a few days.

just gelatin

Trying out these new recipes everyday has helped immensely in getting me back on track and putting excitement and new foods back in my diet! As I wrote in this blog post I was getting a bit board with THM only because I was eating the same foods over and over and over again. I needed a challenge to change things up and I am having a lot of fun in the process! Hope you are too!

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Till next Wednesdays update, blessings!