My Latest Baby Project!

10-18-13 0041

My newest project for baby Eli is a baby cocoon and matching hat! It was so simple and quick to make. I wanted to buy one of these but they are a little pricey so I made one instead. I don’t know if baby Eli will like it, his big brother hated to be swaddled, but it will be great for Christmas pictures and such. I actually made the cocoon from a newborn hat pattern I tweaked. Below you will find the pattern to create both. 🙂 Enjoy!

20 Minute Easy Newborn Hat Pattern

ch – chain
dc – double crochet
sl-st – slip stitch
sp – space
Start by chaining 4 and join with a sl-st to form a ring.
R1: ch3 (this counts as your first dc of this round. same applies for all future rounds.)
9dc into ring, join with a sl-st (Join all future rounds this way). – 10
R2: ch3. dc in same sp. 2dc in each sp to end – 20
R3: ch3. 2dc in next. *1dc 2dc in next* to end – 30
R4: ch3 1 dc in next. 2 dc in next sp. *1dc in each of the next 2 sp. 2dc in next* to end – 40
R5-12: ch3. dc all sp to end.
To make the cocoon.
To make the cocoon I add a row after R4
Add: R5: ch3  1 dc in next two sp and 2 dc in next *1dc in each of the next 3 sp. 2dc in next*
R6: ch3. dc all sp to end. Repeat R6 until the pattern is 17 inches in length.

The hardest part of the cocoon pattern is when its starts getting long and heavy. Your fingers and arms begin to get tired and it can be a little awkward to work with, but its worth the little bit of struggle. Cant wait to show you all pictures with my newborn son in it! Best of luck!