My Husband and Pregnancy.

My husband is a pretty amazing person. I love him to pieces! He has always been considerate of my feelings and he has the ability to read me like a book. At times it can be a little annoying, and other times it’s amazing and sweet.

Going through my first pregnancy I was on an emotional roller-coaster. I was scared and unsure, I didn’t know how to be a pregnant person! All I saw was my body changing in ways I never wanted it too so I was very self conscious. I guess I shouldn’t say that is all I saw.  There are parts of pregnancy that I love and cherish. Like when I’m all snuggled up to Dustin and all the sudden the baby kicks him. I love to hear him laugh when he feels his unborn baby move!

The funny thing was Dustin knew more about pregnancy than me! How? Well his mother had 10 children and Dustin is the oldest of them all! So this was something he was, shall we say, familiar with? I would catch myself asking him pregnancy questions! Go figure.

During my first pregnancy there were so many unknowns. Now that I have a better understanding, things seem to be going smoother. That is also accredited to Dustin. Turns out he didn’t know everything 😉 I can see a huge change in him.

He is a lot more conscious of my emotions. He checks on me a lot lately, calling and asking about my day. When I’ve bad one he tells me hes sorry and offers some encouragement. Sometimes, that’s all I need.

When I’ve had a really bad day he either makes dinner or brings something home. This is so helpful! Standing in the kitchen making dinner and then cleaning everything up can be very tiresome. He also makes me and our son Danny breakfast every Saturday morning. Dustin is an excellent cook!

He does laundry, vacuums, and he has been working with Danny a lot. Getting him ready for a little brother and teaching him how to be responsible for his own messes. Danny is an excellent helper and under Dustin’s direction, has been turning into quite the little gentleman.

That’s not to say Danny isn’t still wild and a little obnoxious at times, but hey, hes only three years old! If he was quite and calm I’d be worried, if fact that usually means somethings wrong. I love my wild spunky boy! But it is time that he start taking on some responsibility and the more he understands and listens to direction, the easier this transition will be.

Overall I am extremely blessed with an amazingly sweet husband! I know how much he cares and how excited he is to be the father of two boys. I love my little family! God has truly blessed us!

A few favorite photos of Dustin and Danny:

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12-9-11 008 Winter 2012 248

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  1. Lovely post Lesley & the photos are precious! You & Dustin truly are soul mates, you are so lucky to have found each other at a young age so that you have many wonderful years ahead of you to enjoy. Dustin is a great guy & his family are very proud of him, your children have the best role model & you have a loving & supportive husband. That’s all that really matters in life at the end of the day, love & family 🙂

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