My Husband And I…

So much is going to change with this new little addition to our family and we couldn’t be more ready or excited! But before Eli is born I want to do something special with just my husband and I.


Something that comes to mind is walking around downtown. Going through all the shops to see the new fall trends, smelling the Fall air and watching the leaves blow around. Of course we will have to have a nice dinner out as well. Big brother Danny will most likely spend the afternoon a Grandma and Grandpa’s. Knowing he is having as much fun as us always makes our time together more enjoyable.

I love walking around hand in hand with my husband not having any place to be. I love having the conversation flow slow and easy. When we dated years back we walked around downtown quite a few times, it brings back memories and freshens our spirits. We have each others full attention and its such a beautiful wonderful thing to get those moments with him.

Although dressing up and going out is one of the last things I want to be doing right now… Its important for both my husband and I to have this time together. He often reminds me that I still look beautiful 8 months pregnant, hard for me to imagine, and no matter how bad I think I look he is still ready to show me off and take me out! Gotta love a guy like that… I feel truly blessed!

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